Words and Images: 'Generation X' by Chuck Reyes

As March comes to an end, we look back on our special project for our 10th Anniversary issue. We gave 10 photographers what every creative mind longs for – freedom of expression. Our only request: to be inspired by a word that contains the letter ‘X’
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Generation X


Chuck Reyes, who studied journalism and wanted to be a writer, decided to reference an important moment in fashion publishing history: an iconic British Vogue fashion spread titled Under Exposure by photographer Corinne Day, styled by Katy England. Published in the June 1993 issue, the editorial portrayed the rise of Generation X and was met with massive criticism, with many readers asking where the fashion was. The idea of doing candid, authentic photographs for a high-fashion magazine hadn’t quite registered with mass audiences.

Today, candid shots are high fashion, what with the proliferation of contrived Instagram posts, scheduled Facebook posts and click-bait articles. This shoot was about keeping it real: no makeup artist, no hairstylist, and Alex the model dressed herself. Reyes instructed her to just “laze on the bed”; Alex soon admitted “this doesn’t feel like work.”

Styling Allysha Nila
Model Alex Boldea/ AVE Management

1) Cotton shirt with marabou feathers, Prada.
Silver brass, leather, pearl and agate necklace, Céline.
Lace bra, Eres.
Cotton knickers, stylist’s own.

2) Denim jacket and jeans, Versus Versace.
Lace briefs, Eres.

3) Silk slip dress with marabou feathers, Prada.
Canvas plimsole sneakers, Céline.

4) Stretch jersey top, Salvatore Ferragamo.
Stretch jersey and lace briefs, Eres.

5) Wool tricotine top, silk and wool tuxedo pants, Céline.



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