Words & Images: 'Exhale' by Alvin Tang

As March comes to an end, we look back on our special project for our 10th Anniversary issue. We gave 10 photographers what every creative mind longs for – freedom of expression. Our only request: to be inspired by a word that contains the letter ‘X’
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You’ve seen his fresh, cool and clean portraits in our Style and Beauty pages, but this is the first time Alvin Tang has photographed still life for L’Officiel Singapore. There is perceivable tension here. The objects look simultaneously exuberant – flowers look as though they’ve just been plucked; lip gloss looks extra plump; you can almost hear a “ding” from a Christmas ornament – and sterile, the result of Tang’s endless patience and perfect control. At one point, he was trying to balance the highly- coveted Opyum shoe by Saint Laurent on an egg, which in a heart-stopping moment suddenly moved. Tang barely inched. How similar modern life is – a balancing act featuring great feats of multitasking; one wrong move and we’re done for, it seems. He merely took a deep breath, exhaled and carried on.

1) Patent leather Opyum heels, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

2) Fox fur and leather Fruit charm, Fendi.

3) Beaded nappa leather clutch, Miu Miu.

4) Calfskin platform heels with rhinestones, Gucci.

5) Audacious lipsticks, NARS.

Styling Allysha Nila

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