Words and Images: 'XOXO' by Natsuko Teruya

As March comes to an end, we look back on our special project for our 10th Anniversary issue. We gave 10 photographers what every creative mind longs for – freedom of expression. Our only request: to be inspired by a word that contains the letter ‘X’
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Not unlike philosophy, Natsuko leaves us with more questions than answers. Cryptic and open to interpretation, her work is a challenge to the viewer, something she takes great delight in. So, what exactly is “XOXO”? It’s not “hugs and kisses”, for sure. No, that would be too predictable, and Natsuko has no interest in Gossip Girl, either. Her use of the term suggests intense flirtation. But then, in comes the pineapple. Is it a code? Does it represent a sweet smell of some sort? And what does the metronome stand for? “Nothing in reality is sweeter and more magical than what we build up in our heads,” is all she offers. Is “XOXO” an attempt to capture the fleetingness of memory? A defence against pain? Questions that beget more questions.

1) Cotton quilted top with embroidery, cotton cropped pants and patent leather heels, Dior.

2) Satin dress with sequins and feathers, Gucci.

Styling Allysha Nila
Hair & Makeup Hongling Lim using Kevin Murphy & Dior Beauty
Styling Assistant Bryan Goh
Model Tereza Smejkalová/AVE Management



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