Meet the Most Popular Bag of 2018

According to a survey, this Gucci bag was searched for every 6 seconds making it the most sought-after purse of 2018.
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In the fashion universe, there are selected pieces that mark a period, season or even an entire year. This time around, it was Gucci’s year.

According to surveys done by fashion platform Lyst, a particular Gucci bag was searched for every six seconds on the internet, in the last 12 months. Including data from social networks and sales data, the Gucci Marmont Belt Bag ranked first as the most-desired bag of the year and came out on top as the most popular and coveted accessory of 2018.

Prada’s Nylon Belt Bag model also ranked on the same list proving that belt bags were all the rage this year.

Scroll down to check out some of our favourite Gucci Marmont Belt Bags.

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Photo: @brandnamecalling via Instagram
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Photo: @brandnamecalling via Instagram
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Photo: @brandnamecalling via Instagram
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Photo: @brandnamecalling via Instagram
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Photo: @classicgucci via Instagram
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Photo: @mylifeincolors_ via Instagram
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Photo: @brandnamecalling via Instagram
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