Fendi Assembles Its Own Cast Of Superheroes In The New Icons Campaign

The series shines a spotlight on the evergreen Baguette, Peekaboo, Colibrì pumps, and Rockoko combat boots
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You know how fans of superhero movies go wild when an ensemble film is released because of all that zazz rolled into one? Well, that’s kind of how we feel about Fendi’s latest campaign. The luxury house has gathered four of its most beloved accessories and given them rightful homage: as Fendi Icons. Immortalised in a new photoshoot and video, the Baguette and Peekaboo bags, Colibrì pumps, and Rockoko combat boots are a testament to the lasting sway that the Italian label holds over fashion’s imaginations (and ours).

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And as far as Icons go, it doesn’t get any better than Fendi’s own fantastic four. Flawlessly crafted and fiercely stylish, all four silhouettes have stood the test of time and have proved well worthy such a status. The Icons series brings these cult favourites back to the basics, with neutral shades of black, white, grey, and beige accented here and there with the emblematic inverted Zucca print, enabling the beauty of the designs to shine through. No matter your taste or personality, there’s an Icon for you.


For The Noughties Nostalgic

Perhaps the best known of all Fendi accessories thanks to a recurring role on Sex and the City, the Baguette is the OG It-bag of the early noughties. So christened (as is by now fashion legend) for how it can be tucked under your arm the same way the French carry actual bread loaves, the Baguette was rebooted a few seasons ago, and fortunately doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.


For The Extroverted Introvert

Sophisticated on the outside and playful on the inside, if the Peekaboo were a person, she would be an extroverted introvert. The unusual structure of this top-handle bag allows the front flap to be pushed down to reveal a contrasting lining of bright colours, stripes, or as in this case, the double-F monogram. Rather like discovering a person’s hidden depths, we’d say.


For The Fearless Trailblazer

Named after the Spanish word for “hummingbird”, the sculptural Colibrì slingbacks fuse elegance and athleisure with a nod to futurism. Cleverly rendered in semi-sheer technical mesh and tulle, and matched with a moulded footbed and padded elastic straps for extra comfort, you’ll make all the right strides in these pumps.


For The Rebel At Heart

Equal parts chic and badass, Fendi’s Rockoko boots are the stomp-around shoes you need to conquer urban jungle. Crafted from sleek black calfskin and ribbed knit panels, and trimmed with the FF motif, these combat boots are the definition of effortless cool.


The Fendi Icons collection is available now at



Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi

Photography and Videography Yvan Fabing

Stylist Chaos



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