Colour By Numbers: Festive Outfit Ideas For The Holiday Season

When it comes to what to wear to the year-end parties, we say don't follow dress codes but colour codes instead
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Some say black is boring, but we beg to differ. Black is simultaneously bold yet understated, so you won't have to worry too much about what you're wearing while still looking effortlessly chic. To avoid looking overly sombre, go for details like crystal or pearl embellishments, embroidery, lace, and ruffles to lighten things up. 

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Confident, powerful, passionate, and daring - those are just a few feelings that the colour red evokes. If you tend to be the wallflower of the party rather than the belle of the ball, red will help you fake it till you make it with aplomb. You don't want to look like Mrs Claus though, so look for pieces in deep and rich shades like crimson, ruby, berry, or claret.

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Nothing quite makes your days merry and bright as a bit of gold for the holidays. Adding a Midas touch to your wardrobe is a sure way to attract attention without trying too hard. There is a very fine line between tasteful and tacky, however, so when in doubt, use the colour sparingly and pair with neutrals, or accent a monotone outfit with aureate accessories. 

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During winter almost every tree dies except for evergreen holly bushes and fir spruces, which is why the colour is thought to give its wearer good fortune. So bring some serendipity to the year-end celebrations and incorporate green into your festive get-up. After all, you never know when you might need that extra stroke of luck. 



First seen in the December/January issue of L'Officiel Singapore


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