Wander And Wonder: Destination-Inspired Looks From The Cruise 2020 Collections

The year-end holidays are nigh upon us, so take style notes from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and more for when the wanderlust next strikes
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Bottega Veneta Pre-Spring 2020

Copenhagen Cool 

Copenhagen has gained a fair bit of traction among the fashionable set over the past few years, and it's easy to see why. Homegrown brands like Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, By Malene Birger, and Stine Goya are steadily on the rise in popularity, and the street style scene during Copenhagen Fashion Week (and otherwise) almost steals the show with a sense of effortless Scandi chic. There aren't many rules to dressing like a Dane, but here are some tips to look like a local: layer, layer, layer, since the weather can be unpredictable; leave things a bit undone with an "I don't care" touch like mussed hair, scuffed shoes, or clashing patterns; and when in doubt, always wear black. 

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020

Bauhaus Berlin

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, so there's no better time to visit Berlin. The city may be known now for its hipster vibe, but its bohemian roots go back to the '30s when the avant-garde movement thrived. Cop the cultural cool look with classic tailored silhouettes, and take a cue from Bauhaus art and stick to black and white neutrals or bright primary colours like blue, yellow, and red. 

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Off-White Cruise 2020

Montenegro Mood

A 19th-century poet described Montenegro as "the most beautiful meeting place between earth and sea", and 200 years later, the Balkan country still lives up to the hype. More off the beaten track than its neighbours like Croatia, Montenegro has miles of coastline unsullied by tourism, at least for now. The year-round balmy weather means a packing list of beach-ready essentials: beyond swimwear, think mini dresses, wrap skirts, short shorts, and net bags. 

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Prada Resort 2020

Sri Lanka Safari

Africa might be the first place that comes to mind when the word "safari" is mentioned, but there's plenty of wildlife to be found closer to home in Sri Lanka as well. Avoid the colonial overtones of standard issue safari suits in favour of contemporary interpretations, as in Prada's Resort 2020 collection. Greens and browns are the ideal colour palette, and while it may be a tad clichéd, it's also good to get wild with animal prints like leopard spots, tiger stripes, and snakeskin. 





First seen in the November 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore



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