Sharp Scooter: Dior Joins Forces With Vespa On A Bespoke 946 Scooter

Parisian chic meets la dolce vita in this surprise collaboration, featuring a limited edition Vespa 946 and other custom accessories
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The very mention of its name conjures up images of a glamorous European getaway — the salty tang of a turquoise sea filling your lungs, the sun’s rays caressing your skin, a crisp breeze tousling your hair as you navigate winding coastal paths... And now, the Vespa assumes an even greater allure, by virtue of an unexpected but unmissable collaboration with Dior.

The two labels, which incidentally share the same birth year of 1946, have joined forces to create a limited edition scooter that celebrates the joie de vivre and virtuoso craftsmanship of both brands. Giving a high fashion slant to the Vespa 946, a flagship design directly inspired by Piaggio’s original prototype, Maria Grazia Chiuri reimagines the model with bold graphics drawn from Dior’s lexicon.

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The quintessential streamlined curves and step-through frame of the Vespa are all retained, but here the signature Dior Oblique motif adorns the saddle in navy and cream, while the house logo stripe, not unlike that of the Book Tote, swoops across the sides, and the bag hook takes the shape of the 30 Montaigne “CD” clasp. Hued in a chic palette of patent-finish beige with gold accents and a black undercarriage, the Vespa 946 Christian Dior is probably the most enthralling scooter moment since Audrey Hepburn took one out for a spin in Roman Holiday.

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As if that weren’t luxe enough already, the bike is complemented by a number of coordinating accessories in Dior Oblique print, including a custom helmet, the aforesaid Book Tote, and a top case, the latter of which can be affixed to the luggage rack at the rear. Each scooter is made in Italy in adherence to the exacting standards, commitment, and precision of a couture atelier.

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However, Dior and Vespa enthusiasts will have to hold their horsepower for now, as these exclusive creations will only roll out in Spring 2021, starting at Dior boutiques, and followed by select Piaggio Group Motoplex outlets around the world. We say it’s well worth the wait.  



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