Dior’s Stunning Home Décor Collection Is Inspired by Copacabana Charms

Now we can eat, sleep and breathe Dior with this vibrant collection of tableware
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Designer Christian Dior had an incredibly inspiring relationship with Brazil in his early years, and now, as an ode to that, artistic director Cordelia de Castellane has developed an exclusive collection of tableware and ornaments inspired by Copacabana, Brazil, for Dior Maison’s latest collection.



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Comprising of light and colorful pieces, the dishes are painted with beautiful leaves and delicate florals, making for a perfect match alongside raffia placemats. Vases, glass jars and other decorative pieces have been transformed into charming aquariums that carry refined painted fish and corals inside. The end result is a collection that pays homage to the art of hospitality and entertainment in the bohemian neighborhood of Rio chosen as inspiration.

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Christian Dior's relationship with Brazil has never been trivial. He has always been inspired by the joy of life and the vibrant colors that the country reflects, and  developed many creative ideas from Brazil, including various colours and patterns of dresses that captured the lively and joie de vivre moments of the tropics such as those from his Haute Couture collection, 'São Paulo, Brazil and Soirée à Rio .'

Today, 63 years after his death, the brand continues this incredible relationship by launching a collection full of meaning, refinement, tropicality and sophistication.

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