Louis Vuitton Releases Fashion's Answer to Airpods

Yes, you read that correctly; the fashion house is getting in on the wireless earphone game.
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If you are someone who actually didn't receive AirPods as a holiday gift, you now have the opportunity to one-up all of your friends. Following the rise of Apple's revolutionary (and meme-worthy) wireless headphones, Louis Vuitton has decided to join the audio market, meaning you officially can get in on the hottest listening trend while also displaying your ears' penchant for logomania.


Louis Vuitton's Horizon Earphones collection is available in black, white, and red monogram, as well as yellow and blue LV stripes, providing both a heritage tribute and a more modern look. They come with a charging case, which will provide three 3.5-hour listening sessions on the go, and one earphone features volume buttons. The audio accessories will sell for USD $995, which means if the owners of USD $159 AirPods were part of Twitter's "wealthiest" circle, they now have to settle for second.

This is just the latest in LV's forays into the luxury tech market, as the brand launched a smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon, in 2017. The earphones actually pair with the watch in addition to other Bluetooth devices, so you could totally leave your phone at home and enjoy an exclusively Vuitton music adventure.

Speaking of phones, could the luxury house one day decide they want to make that market more fashionable, too? Who knows, but for now, the new LV earbuds are about to become the hottest accessory on the street style circuit (paired, of course, with pieces from Virgil Abloh's debut collection).

The Tambour Horizon Connected Watch V2 (prices starting from SGD $3,400) and the Tambour Horizon Earphones (SGD $1,580) are available at Louis Vuitton boutiques.


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