Gucci For Your Home? Yes, It's Happening

Give your abode that Alessandro Michele Midas touch
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If you've ever stepped into a Gucci store and thinking you could very well live there, you're in luck. The Italian fashion house is making its first foray into the home category with Gucci Décor. The collection will launch in September with a progressive global roll-out in Gucci flagship stores, online and selected specialty stores in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, and China amongst others.

Similar to Alessandro Michele's magpie attitude to fashion design, the pieces in the new Gucci Décor collection will display a multitude of design motifs reimagined for furniture, furnishings and crockery. The overall effect is a surprising, joyous combination of hue, pattern and design, where rules are non-existent. Pieces of text make occasional appearances and the influence of the Gucci Garden lexicon is omnipresent, with flora blooming abundantly and creatures appearing everywhere, whether it be on screens, cushions or teapots.


Instead of having a dedicated section within Gucci stores for its homeware line, the pieces are littered around the shop space – which is great for visualisation. According to the brand, "the idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized. [Alessandro Michele's] collection of items for interiors is also intended to allow for a flexible and personal approach to decoration, bringing an accent of Gucci’s contemporary romanticism into the home." 



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