Words and Images: 'Xerox' by Munster + Longfei

As March comes to an end, we look back on our special project for our 10th Anniversary issue. We gave 10 photographers what every creative mind longs for – freedom of expression. Our only request: to be inspired by a word that contains the letter ‘X’
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Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy, the narrator in David Fincher’s Fight Club famously said. Is anything really fresh? It’s a conundrum that plagues creative minds everywhere. “The Xerox machine challenges the concept of the creation of imagery, without using commonly known photographic devices such as the camera or the smartphone,” explains duo Munster + Long Fei, both of whom studied film. “It’s a tool which bears the same principles of capturing an image using light, producing a tangible visual output.” Other elements were incorporated into the shoot to act as counterpoints to the clothing: the spark- print Chanel dress was paired with cables, while a square-panelled Marni dress was juxtaposed with charcoal blocks.

Styling Allysha Nila
Hair and makeup Sha Shamsi

1) Wool dress; brass and resin earrings; metal and crystal cuff; metal and crystal chain bracelet; Marni.

2) Polyester top, Issey Miyake.Polyester pants, Pleats Please Issey Miyake.

3) Calfskin and rubber heels with marabou feathers, Prada.

4) Silk pleated dress, Chanel.

5) Calfskin dress, Bottega Veneta.




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