Palm Angel's Francesco Ragazzi Breaks The Fashion Form

Palm Angels founder, Francesco Ragazzi, speaks to L’Officiel Singapore exclusively about his second tie-up with Moncler – 8 Moncler Palm Angels – and recalls his humble beginnings at the brand 12 years ago.
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Tell us about the new 8 Moncler Palm Angels collection.

I call it breaking the form. It’s a sort of “vandalisation” of Moncler.

How is it different from the collaborative effort from last year?

It is a much bigger collection, and I had a chance to express a bigger concept – from the collection to the event and the launch. I couldn’t wait to show it and to have it myself. 

1565148880621287 moncler genius francesco ragazzi
Palm Angels Founder, Francesco Ragazzi

Do you see this collaboration with Moncler as a natural extension of Palm Angels, or are they quite separate things? 

To me, it’s quite personal as I started working there 12 years ago as an intern. Palm Angels is a piece of me and my customers know where I am coming from.

What is the biggest challenge and reward of teaming up with Moncler? 

The biggest reward was to have been chosen by (chairman and CEO of Moncler) Mr. Ruffini to participate in such a unique project. The biggest challenge was to live up to this amazing opportunity

What’s your earliest memory involving Moncler?

Me, three-years-old with a white mini Moncler.

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If you had to pick, what are some of your favourite pieces from the new collection?

Definitely the metallic jackets.

How do you feel about Moncler Genius, which involves various creative minds, and what made you want to be a part of it?

It’s a step ahead of the system – genius.

Who would you consider the ultimate genius?

Remo Ruffini.

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This story was first seen in the August 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.



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