Prada's SS20 Menswear Fashion Show Showcases Juxtapositions In A New Light

The fashion house takes its show out of Milan for the first time, ahead of fashion week, to the metropolitan city of Shanghai.
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Held on 6 June 2019 at the East Bund in Shanghai, China, Prada kicked off Milan Fashion Week ahead of schedule and previewed its Spring/Summer 2020 collection with a spirit of confidence and boundless positivity for the first time outside of Milan, Italy. The fashion house's first fashion week foray out of Milan to Shanghai also marks the Italian capital city's 40th anniversary of being dubbed 'sister city' to Shanghai. Miuccia Prada saw this as a chance to explore the vision of art, design and culture of the two cities, and effectively translated it into the show, as well as the collection. 

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Known for its industrial heritage, Minsheng Art Wharf's Silo Hall was chosen as the location for the show; with Prada showcasing the magnificence of the large chamber with a linear catwalk slicing through the longitudinal axis of the space, outlined by neon lights. 

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This year's collection presented a reimagination of the concept explored in the 2020 Prada Resort collection; such as different lengths being layered in various garments that create an arresting effect against the body and pieces challenges the form of the body. Muiccia Prada also took the opportunity to weave in elements of recent trends in menswear, such as tailoring, utility, sportswear and so forth. 

The colour spectrum of this collection is comprised of soft neutrals like gray and navy, soothing pale colours such as baby pink and blue, alongside khaki, black and bright colour blocks. While prints included 90's inspired tech such as casette tapes and VHS video cameras, serving up a slice of retro eccentricity. 

A vast contrast, but complementing in relation to the theme of juxtapositions, these colours and pieces stand to serve as a symbol of rebellion against the confines of history and memory; and the ever-changing movement of looking back and forth through technology and time. We certainly won't be forgetting this collection anytime soon! 





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