8 Best Fragrances Appropriate For Summer

Sunny, fresh or tangy notes, in harmony with sunny days, the fragrances of the season are lighter and invite you to travel. Here, we focus on the most beautiful summer creations.
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The most casual

Nicknamed "the enfant terrible of fashion", famous designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is notorious for doing the unexpected, and has made surprise his trademark. So naturall then, his  feminine perfume made in 2017 is called “Scandal”, intended for a woman who are both elegant and sensual, with a touch of casualness.

Infinitely floral and gourmet, this fragrance reinvents itself this year with “So Scandal!" An addictive eau de parfum with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, all enveloped in a milky touch -- this new creation is a real floral explosion, particularly luminous and solar.

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Eau de parfum So Scandal !, Jean-Paul Gaultier.
The most greedy

This summer, Lancôme offers a new chapter to its iconic fragrance with La Vie est Belle Intensément. Because happiness does not wait around, the House imagines here an intense and gourmet fragrance combining red iris with sensual notes of red vanilla, sublimated by a floral bouquet composed of bergamot, pink pepper and a raspberry accord. This is an incandescent olfactory signature, created exclusively for Lancôme by one of the greatest French perfumers that makes us want to sink our teeth into life.

1596644405665026 lancome lavieestbelle intensement edp 2
Eau de parfum La Vie est Belle Intensément, Lancôme.
The most passionate

An ode to femininity, the new Sì Passione Eau De Parfum Intense by Giorgio Armani captures the feeling felt when living in true passion. Blackcurrant nectar, Sì's iconic olfactory signature, mingles here with a floral heart of jasmine then intensifies on contact with a woody base made of patchouli and cedar, before enveloping itself in a suave vanilla extract.The result is an ultra-feminine, sensual fragrance, which celebrates the contrast between the delicacy of the flower and the intensity of passion.

1596644405907729 ga si passione intense edpf2
Sì Passion Intense Eau de Parfum, Giorgio Armani.
The most sunny

Driven by the desire to recreate the sensual glow of golden skin heated by the sun, Narciso Rodriguez imagines Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée, a magnetic fragrance that offers us a one-way ticket to a paradise island. Here, the olfactory signature of the Narciso Rodriguez brand, the heart of musk, is illuminated by an accord of solar flowers: frangipani and ylang-ylang. Then, in the background, an amber musky trail recreates the warm atmosphere of a sunny end of the day. An attractive and seductive trail that opens the doors to an endless summer journey.

1596644406098378 o.71256
Narciso Ambrée Eau de Parfum, Narciso Rodriguez.
The most sensual

With a provocative name that appeals as much as it attracts, the perfume "MMMM ..." by Juliette Has a Gun is once again taking pride in their summer fragrances. Behind this sound, this murmur, hides a gourmet composition where orange blossom and vanilla are in the spotlight. We melt for this regressive trail with sweet notes of marshmallow. So decadent, that we would eat it.

1596644406360817 jhag mmmm 3
Eau de parfum "MMMM ...", Juliette Has a Gun
The most fresh

In summer, our desires for freshness and lightness are strongly felt, right up to our perfume. If colognes and fresh waters are adored by all, in the editorial staff, we set our sights on 100BON, a brand of accessible fragrances,  that comes 100% natural, without petrochemicals. We fell in love with Tea and Ginger water, combining tangy notes of lemongrass and lemon with floral accents of Jasmine Sambac and a woody base made of amber wood, vetiver and cedar. A fragrance both fresh and spicy that we like to wear in all circumstances but also to share with our dear and tender.

1596644406617981 unnamed
Eau de Thé and Ginger Eau de Parfum,100BON

Fragrances for men

Our men are not left behind, with two new interpretations of iconic fragrances that are being reinvented this summer, much to our delight!

The most carnal

After Y eau de toilette and Y eau de parfum, the Yves Saint Laurent perfume saga continues with Y Live, an intense eau de toilette. Worked in chiaroscuro, this intense and vibrant fern combines the luminous thrill of orange blossom absolute with the carnal intensity of cocoa absolute, all sublimated by the freshness of geranium absolute, signature olfactory from Y. To this accord, which is rarely used in men's perfumery, are added the fresh and tangy notes of bergamot and lemon and more gourmet notes of tonka bean. Simply addictive.

1596644406825852 o.63687
Eau de toilette intense Y Live, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.
The most opulent

This season, the iconic One Million by Paco Rabanne becomes One Million Parfum, a powerful and sensual fragrance where the warm notes of leather contrast with those of fresher flowers. In top notes we find a salty tuberose which is adorned with iodized accents. Then, it then melts into a very sensual leather accord with a patina of resin and pine notes. The perfect interpretation of a skin heated in the sun, barely salty. Terribly incandescent.

1596644407087388 pr 1m parfum packshots 1 million parfum rays square
One Million Parfum Eau de Parfum, Paco Rabanne.

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