Louis Vuitton’s Latest Unisex Fragrance Is Inspired By Sunsets and California

Inspired by L.A., sunsets, and freedom, it's a little piece of the sky in a bottle.
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There’s something about a beautiful sunset that makes for the perfect end to your day. And as our lives have slowed down and we settle into staying at home more often, sunsets are something that we all have come to appreciate. 

These are often fleeting moments in time, but what if you could capture the essence of a sunset in a perfume?  Louis Vuitton was inspired by just that, and have come up with its latest unisex range dedicated to the Californian sunset, a place often bragged about to have the best sunsets --  Les Colognes Louis Vuitton, a range of EDP fragrances that marries citrusy mist with floral accents.

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Coming in three enchanting perfumes: Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swim, California Dream now completes the collection that is inspired by the effusive spirit of California. 

For California Dream, Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud set about to "create warmth that envelops coolness,” he explains, and to contrast that with blending explosive freshness with softer notes.

"The mandarin has as many facets as the sky at sundown. There’s citrus, but also a floral aspect in addition to the pleasure of the fruit. It creates a horizon that musks elongate with warmth. Ambrette has accents of moist earth and pear. Benzoin has a soft, crackling heat. It’s the last light of day that heralds the delights of the night to come," he says.

The brand has also enlisted the help of L.A.-based artist, Alex Israel, to design the packaging. His illustrations pay homage to his Californian roots, featuring motifs such as cacti, and waves inspired by Los Angeles, and finally , for California dream, a glass perfume bottle that comes subtly iridescent in a palette of transparent pink morphing into a twilight blue -- a piece of the sunset sky in your hands. 

The Louis Vuitton California Dream Cologne Perfume will be available on the Louis Vuitton Webstore from 28 May and retails for SGD380.

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