Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Body-contouring Treatment Emsculpt?

Here’s how the new body-toning gadget, which promises to eliminate fat and build muscle simultaneously, works.
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You’ve probably seen the Instagram pictures of toned bodies strapped with Emsculpt rubber paddles on your feed. But what is Emsculpt really and how does this new body-contouring device, which rules the realm of non-invasive treatments, actually work?

Founder of Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery at Mandarin Gallery, Dr. Rohan Mendis, with over 18 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, breaks it down for us.

Dr. Rohan Mendis, Founder of Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery

For starters, Emsculpt promises to eliminate fat and build muscle simultaneously. It also tones, strengthens and firms the abdominal, buttock, arm or thigh areas.

The FDA-approved device works by using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to induce supra-maximal (powerful muscle contractions) which are not achievable voluntarily, no matter how intense the exercise. The muscle contractions follow an algorithm and come at a mix of speeds, which may feel intense at first but users get used to the sensation within the first few minutes.

Everyone is obsessing because each 30-minute session of Emsculpt is equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches or squats, without the sweat or pain. There’s no downtime though you might feel sore a day or two after the treatment – just as you would after an intense workout. The fat-burn effect from Emsculpt accompanies the muscle sculpting.

Results are usually seen after four sessions – twice weekly treatments for two weeks. Depending on your needs and goals, your doctor will be able to create a personalised schedule. It is worth noting that Emsculpt has seven independent multi-centre studies from the USA showing approximately 16 percent muscle development and 19 percent fat reduction (apoptosis – irreversible fat cell death). This means, results will be long-lasting if you lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, and opt for maintenance treatments every three to six months because just like working out, muscle strength needs to be maintained.

As for who is the best candidate for Emsculpt? Dr. Mendis recommends it for those who are already physically active but find they need some assistance in achieving the look they want through more defined abs or more lifted and toned buttocks. Hit a workout plateau? This treatment might just be for you.

Emsculpt treatments are $900 per session. Learn more about Emsculpt and book an appointment with Dr. Rohan Mendis at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery is located at #04-17 Mandarin Gallery, tel: 6235-1728.


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