Making Scents: Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

5 questions with the perfumer behind the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Love fragrance, Alberto Morillas.
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A decade since the first Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance was born, the brand has launched a sweet new addition to the well-loved Daisy fragrance family.

Daisy Love Marc Jacobs is the fourth installment of the franchise and was created by Alberto Morillas, master perfumer of fragrance company Firmenich. Morillas is also the nose behind the other iconic Daisy fragrances. 

His latest creation is youthful, feminine and sophisticated, just like the face of the fragrance, Kaia Gerber. Daisy Love opens up bright and sweet with crytallised cloudberries. Daisy tree petals make up its floral heart, which settles down into a base of warm cashmere musk and driftwood.

Below, Morillas tells us about the inspiration behind Daisy Love, what makes it different from the other Daisy fragrances and more. 

What was your inspiration for the Daisy Love Marc Jacobs fragrance?
Daisy Love was inspired by memories of a unique moment on Malibu Beach at the end of a sunny afternoon — girlfriends enjoying the sea breeze, like a caress on their skin, radiating the glow of the sun. It is nearly sunset, and the golden atmosphere sparkles with the happiness of their carefree spirit. Daisy Love is the first Radiant Gourmand fragrance and it perfectly mirrors the values of the brand.


How is Daisy Love different from the other Daisy fragrances that have come before it?
Daisy Love immerses you in the magical atmosphere of a beach at Malibu at the end of a sunny afternoon where young women enjoy a happy moment filled with love. The original Daisy fragrance invites you to take a journey to a meadow filled with country flowers, while Daisy Dream transports you into the clouds. Daisy Love uses notes that are totally new compared to the other Daisy fragrances. It introduces the bright and sunny florals of the daisy along with an irresistible sweet blend of crystallised cloudberries and cashmere musks.

Why do you think that Daisy Marc Jacobs fragrances are so successful?

The most memorable olfactive signatures set the trends. Daisy was definitely one of them. Daisy remains faithful to its unforgettable origins, rooted in Marc Jacobs’ fashion offerings with their vivacious celebration of life. 

Both the fashion and fragrances target young, happy women through the universal concept of femininity, fresh flowers, and nature. The designer deeply imparts his creative vision into all of his fragrances. So it is no surprise that the Daisy fragrances became successful, as did Marc Jacobs fashion.

What is your current favorite ingredient?
I have many. Among all the gems of my perfumer's palette, musks are my talismans to create a mythical signature. I enjoy playing with their sensual and bright textures. Sometimes I even imagine a waterfall of musks with a lot of softness and richness. Using musks takes us back to the origins of perfumery, as it has always been an ultra-precious ingredient. Today musks bring both light and modernity to fragrance compositions. I like to push their radiance, beyond the normal limits — to reach their full power, and the way they combine with the skin to provoke the ultimate in emotion. Also, I enjoy trying new molecules exclusive to Firmenich, which bring truly new and surprising qualities to the fragrance market.


Do you believe a person’s fragrance says something about their personality?
Obviously, fragrances have secrets; their power is very much underestimated. For me, a perfume delivers a magic message that we convey to others. I am convinced that fragrances reflect the soul and character of its users. Scents say a lot about a person’s attitudes on love, moods, and psychology.

The Daisy Love Marc Jacobs EDT is available islandwide in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Daisy Love Marc Jacobs rollerballs are exclusive to Sephora Singapore. 



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