A Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad For Every Woman

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a headstrong glamazon, there's a Tom Ford eyeshadow palette just for you
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What maketh a modern Renaissance man? In Tom Ford's case, it's an assured sense of glamour and an elegant style — both of which happen to be his forté. Over the years, he has distilled his unparalleled flair into iconic runway collections, award-winning films and a beauty line that has become synonymous with luxury. 

Likewise, the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad collection lives up to the designer's vision of exceptionality in every way possible; each Eye Color Quad comes with four opulent shades that boast a breathtaking richness and an array of stunning finishes — matte, sparkle, sheer and satin shimmer.

Above all, the collection offers versatlity: there's an Eye Color Quad for every type of woman, regardless of whether she's a hopelesss romantic or a headstrong glamazon. To prove our point, we've matched five different personalities with our favourite eyeshadow palettes from the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad collection below.

Disco Dust for the '70s siren

You turn heads the moment you walk into a room, luring people in with your powerful magnetism. Your secret? It's all in the eyes — or maybe the Disco Dust palette. 

Each shade casts its own spell. There's a light taupe eyeshadow that bewitches with its glittery finish; a muted peach brown with a satin finish that blends easily; a mesmerizing rose gold shimmer and, finally, a dark chocolate brown shadow to achieve a smoky eye effect for an air of mystery.

Honeymoon for the beauty queen

You've got a Hollywood smile and you can charm your way through anything. The only thing you really need is a go-to eyeshadow palette. Like the woman it's designed for, Honeymoon is a winner.

Featuring a range of pretty colours to match a pretty face — think champagne, cranberry, deep plum and gold — the palette boasts a rich pigmentation that the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad collection prides itself on. The cherry on top? The Honeymoon palette can be applied dry or wet for a dramatic finish that will have you looking (and feeling) your best — no tiaras required.

Seductive Rose for the hopeless romantic

You may not dot your i's with tiny hearts anymore, but the dream of finding your one true love lives on. Seductive Rose is for all you starry-eyed dreamers. The palette's selection of a colours comes straight from a Valentine bouquet: there are two frosted shades in delicate light pink, coupled with a warm-toned metallic mauve and a deep plum with a pearly finish. 

With your eyeshadow look complete, you'll be picture perfect for that special candlelight dinner. All that's left for you to do is to bat your lashes and watch the magic happen.

Cocoa Mirage for the girl next door

Sometimes, all a girl wants is to kick off her heels and do away with all the glitter and the glamour — but that doesn't mean she has to look anything less than stunning.

Enter Cocoa Mirage. Perfect for off-duty days, this understated eyeshadow palette is just what you need to create a carefree, low-maintenance look. From beige to chocolate brown, the warm matte shades easily blend into almost any skin tone. For good measure, the palette also comes with a golden copper shimmer to instantly elevate your everyday look.

The Tom Ford Eye Color Quad collection is available in Tangs at Tang Plaza and Robinson Raffles City.



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