What Is The Most Cited Fashion Brand In Rap Songs?

Cardi B and Balenciaga, Nicki Minaj and Louis Vuitton or Migos and Versace ... Definitely luxury brands and rappers go well together. But what is the most mentioned claw? We have the answer.
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" I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks ". In his title "I Like It" released in 2018, Cardi B launched one of the most striking punchlines of rap, very often repeated in Instagram legend. The reason for such success? The rappers are used to cite the most luxury brands in order to forge their identity and define themselves through them, as the World Street Journal points out . But which one enjoys the most publicity from singers? On the first step of the podium we find Fendi , mentioned not less than 252 times in 2018, followed by Balenciaga in second position, cited 218 times and finally Gucci with 194 mentions. In the rest of the top 10 we also find, in order, Givenchy , Dior , Balmain , Prada , Saint Laurent , Adidas and finally Off-White in last position with 129 mentions. By declaring his love for luxury brands, Cardi B was propelled in the front row of the Alexander Wang Fall / Winter 2018 fashion show alongside none other than Anna Wintour , editor-in-chief of the American edition of Vogue and artistic director of publications Condé Nast. She is not the only one to get closer to fashion, between rapper A $ AP Rocky , now BFF with Belgian designer Raf Simons , Nicki Minaj who declared his love for his Louis Vuitton bag in his "Whip It" , or   Migos who chants the brand Versace to death in its tube of the same name, transforming the Italian house into a true hymn.

Should we still mention the masterful clip of "Wolves " by Kanye West , made in 2016 in collaboration with Olivier Rousteing for Balmain , or more recently, that of "Can not Say " by Travis Scott , produced by Saint Laurent ?

If the relationship between rap and the fashion sphere has become ever closer through time, it is thanks to the British artist MC Ricky D   who   mentions for the first time Gucci , Polo and Bally in his title Di Di Di, released in 1985 as also reveals The World Street Journal . An event that will mark a great love story between rappers and brands, which is to see the figures of 2018, not ready to stop.

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