Salvatore Ferragamo presents Unexpected Florence

Another love letter from the Italian fashion house to its home city.
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As an ode to its motherland, Florence, Salvatore Ferragamo has released a new series of videos entitled "Unexpected Florence". Directed by Italian filmmaker Marescotti Ruspoli and starring Maria Vera Ratti, the films capture six of the city's hidden gems, each equally rich in art, history and beauty.

These include Aquaflor, a charming fragrance workshop in Borgo Santa Croce, as well as the Galleria Romanelli in Borgo San Frediano, the breathtaking home to some of Europe's oldest sculptures.

The films do more than trace the heritage of Florence, though. Embedded within each of these unique locations are emblematic pieces from the Ferragamo's Creations Fall/Winter 2018 collection, which are brought to light through Ruspoli's graceful vision.

Featuring signature models and creations by founder Mr. Ferragamo himself, the collection hardly looks out of place at the aforementioned historic venues. It's no surprise, given the fact that the Italian house itself has been around for 91 years now.

Have a glimpse of the new series below:

Numeroventi Design Residency

Two elegant clutch bags at Numeroventi Design Residency, a living and working space for travelling artists just a few steps away from the Duomo.

Villa Bardini

A 1941 triangular patchwork shoe at the romantic Italian Renaissance garden of Villa Bardini.

Teatro della Pergola


At the centuries-old opera house Teatro della Pergola, the world-renowned bejewelled satin sandal crafted in 1938 for Indira Devi, the Maharani of Cooch Behar.

Galleria Romanelli 

A pair of floral adorned heels from 1925 at Galleria Romanelli, the prestigious sculpture studio that has been around for over a century.

Villa Corsini al Prato

The sophisticated ostrich top handle bag at Villa Corsini al Prato.


The court shoe designed for Marilyn Monroe in 1959 at the Aquaflor, the cradle of world's rarest perfumes.

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