Diptyque Brings the Festive Cheer with Its First-Ever Singapore Pop-up

Discover its magical Christmas collection and take part in interactive workshops.
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For the third time this year, Diptyque and French designer Pierre Marie have come together and this round, they have captured the spirit of Christmas through a magical ‘Legend of the North’ collection.

The folklore brings three travellers from each cardinal direction (South, East and West) on a quest to the North to uncover a golden compass. Based on each of the narratives, Diptyque created three different scented candles – Pine Tree of Light, Exquisite Almond and Amber Balm – which best encompass the spirit from each legend.

The Pine Tree of Light scent represents The Luminous Spirit from the East.

The legend: A lost lumberjack met a deer spirit, accompanied by the smell of pine needles, behind a lit tree. The deer offered to lead him back home and after the man reached the village, he hung candles from the tree branches he collected to thank the deer spirit.

The Exquisite Almond scent represents The Gluttonous Spirit from the South.

The legend: During a long and hard winter, a hungry woman sought help from the bear spirit. The spirit lent her its magic bell so that she could turn things into almond paste and feed others. Since then, villagers honour the bear spirit by having almond paste in the shape of a bell every year on the same night.

The Amber Balm scent represents The Dancing Spirit of the West.

The legend: A fisherman lost his way in the western seas while searching for a gift for his loved one. He faced a giant mermaid with hair strands made of pearls, exuding an aroma of amber wood. The spirit offered peace with a strand of pearls as a gift and sent the fisherman home. The villagers now float candles as a form of gratitude for calmer waters.



And to add to the Christmas celebrations, Diptyque will also hold its first-ever pop-up, from 15 to 31 December at B1 Takashimaya, and will host two interactive workshops.

The Art of Gifting Workshop
Not sure what’s the best way to wrap a present? Learn some clever tricks by picking up the brand’s signature gift-wrapping style.

15 December, Saturday, 2.30 – 3.30pm
15 December, Saturday, 4.30 – 5.40pm


The Holiday Crown-Making Workshop
Craft your very own floral crown – a stylish alternative to the regular party hat.

22 December, Saturday, 4.30 – 5.30pm



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