Late Nights with Louie’s Gal

It’s kitschy, it’s chill, it’s where you’ll come to live it up a little (more) and party till dawn. Lulu’s Lounge is modelled on a mobster's 'posh' gal, and promises a changing entertainment lineup coursing with nostalgia
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Where do nice girls go to let their hair down? Probably not Lulu’s Lounge, which promises to keep some very bad company. This kitschy new live lounge at Pan Pacific Hotel is modelled on the outlandish fancies of its fictional owner Lulu, a hard-drinking good-time girl born and raised in the Bronx.

Dreamed up by nightlife veterans Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz, who also co-founded Bang Bang, the nightclub next door, Lulu’s is “frivolous, sexy and quirky” – a dive bar meets jazz lounge and burlesque club hybrid that a mobster (that would be Louie) might have built for his moll. From what they describe of her, we’re already thinking Love Majewski from early seasons of Mob Wives – but we’ll let the couple tell you more below (and about their business here).

Doors open at 9pm and guests can stay till dawn. Live music, bottle service, bar bites, dancing, and a different line-up every night of the week. “We’ll keep bringing in live acts that will strike a nerve of nostalgia,” Sarissa says. “Think 1990s to 2000s, in line with being true to what our clientele grew up with or have memories of.” 

How did you dream up this character, Lulu?

Joshua: I always found something incredibly sexy and dangerous about the New York mob in the early ’60s. We originally had an internal monologue about a character named “Little Louie” and the type of lounge that character would have built. We wrote a storyline that we passed on to the design team and we used as the premise for a lot of the thought concepts that went into it.

Sarissa: We then felt it may be a bit too masculine and wanted the concept to be more frivolous, sexy, and quirky. So, we envisioned Little Louie’s “leading lady”, the type of woman Louie would be drawn to. That’s when Lulu was born.

We know we shouldn’t ask a lady’s age, but anyway – how old is Lulu?

S: Louie first met her Lulu when she was a young woman. Although she now might have her best years behind her, no matter her age, in her mind Lulu is always vivacious and young.


What would Lulu wear on a date night at Lulu’s?

S: Her “nicest” leopard low-cut, long sleeved shirt, tight shiny leggings, and furry stilettos or cheap patent leather red pumps. Saturday is always her date night with Louie.

And on a party night at Lulu’s?

S: An ill-fitting tight red dress with black seven-inch pumps she can’t really dance well in.

J: Something gawww-geous.


Her lipstick colour?

S: Day and night, it’s always red.


What’s in her purse?

S: Wad of cash, lipstick, a lighter, perfume.

What’s the kitschiest thing about Lulu’s that you love?

S: When we were dreaming up the design, we thought of a place that Louie would build for Lulu, but of course it had to have Lulu’s stamp. After all, it’s built for her. Because of this, we incorporated some – for lack of a better word – “tacky” elements. You’ll see furry lamps, accessories Lulu loves to wear, and various items from her home. Lulu loves her ceramic poodle – you’ll have to come by to check!

J: One of the nice things about the experience at Lulu’s is at different times of the evening, alternate items will be lit, which will give guests an opportunity to explore various elements depending on what time you are there.

Must-try cocktails?

S: Big Coconuts: It’s very similar to a Pina Colada, but with vodka and some sass.

J: Grow a Pear: Bourbon, spiced pear, rosemary. It’s certainly a drink we created with Louie in mind. Lulu’s is a post-dinner spot, with nibbles inspired Lulu’s colourful NY personality to keep people going. We have 13 flavours of popcorn from Mac and Cheese to Hot Buffalo Wings!


Where should one park oneself at different times of the night?

S: The sofa with opposing zebra chairs and the furry lamp is my personal favourite spot.

J: At 9pm, sit at the bar and listen to live jazz. As the night progresses, move to a banquette, and invite your friends to join. Eventually, get up and dance to funk, hip hop and a smattering of songs you grew up with until 6am.


And after 6am?

J: I hope they go to bed and come back tomorrow!

S: I second that!



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