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Chaumet's 'Pierres de Rêve' Collection Embraces the Power of Gemstones

Inspired by the stone symbolism of Asian cultures, the new collection features 12 ornamental stones at the heart of each timepiece. 
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Forget healing crystals. As an homage to the ancient Asian tradition of stone symbolism, Chaumet has unveiled a range of timepieces that are just as potent with positive energy and even more elegant in appearance.

The Pierres de Rêve (French for "the stones of dreams") collection comes with 12 new styles, each made with a different gemstone such as lapis lazuli or rhodonite that have been carefully sourced, selected, cut and polished with the precision that Chaumet is known for.

Superstitious folks will likely be drawn to the Pierres de Rêve timepieces because of the powerful stones, but skeptics can still appreciate the gems for their arresting beauty. Unearthed from the depths of the Earth's crusts, the stones come with unique textures that are especially poetic on the dials of the timepieces. On the dials, those textures mirror the many landscapes of nature, such as deserts, forests and lagoons. 

Marrying tradition with modern watchmaking techniques, Chaumet has adorned each ornamental stone dial with a diamond-paved rose or white gold bezel. As the finishing touch, eah Pierres de Rêve timepiece also comes with an alligator straps that subtly reflects the hues of its dial.

Discover the Pierres de Rêve collection in all its beauty below:



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