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The New 'Dior Grand Bal Couture' Service Lets You Design Your Own Timepiece

The Maison has launched a made-to-measure service that allows you to customize your own Grand Bal watch, with over 200 million possibilities.
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Dior has quietly proven itself a master of horology; not only does it produce interesting watches from a design perspective, but it also introduces innovative details and creative movements within its creations.  

The Dior Grand Bal watches are a good example of that. The timepieces became the talk of the watch world after last year’s range that was inspired after the first ever Christian Dior Haute Couture show back in 1947. The pieces were elegant and beautiful, and each took influence from a legendary Dior garment. 

This year, the Maison is going one better – it has launched the new Dior Grand Bal Couture service, which lets customers customize their Dior Grand Bal watch in any way they please, from dial colours right down to the inverse rotor materials. Once again, Dior has set the bar for mechanical watches with exceptional design. 

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The Grand Bal model is characterized by its oscillating weight which is positioned on the front of the dial (most timepieces have this feature on the back). The oscillating weight powers the automatic movement inside. In this case, the functional rotor can be decorated anyway the buyer likes.

Other elements can be mixed and matched, too. Customers can choose between between 525 oscillating masses, 16 glasses and boxes, 42 dials, 16 bottoms and 37 bracelets and straps. All in all, there are over 200 million possibilities of what a custom Dior Grand Bal watch can look like, making it a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece.

Its brilliance isn't just skin deep, though. Underneath the Grand Bal’s 36 millimeter bespoke exterior lies a genuine Swiss Inverse 11 ½ caliber, specially developed by the atelier’s horologers. 


Of course, with everything from the hands of the watch right down to the engraving on the case back to choose from, some might find it a little daunting to realize their dream timepiece. Thankfully, Dior provides each buyer with a consultation from its creative studio, on hand to guide them in their choice. 

Once a design has been chosen, Dior’s fine watchmakers take over and in just five months the unique Grand Bal timepiece will be ready and delivered direct to your door.

Discover the customization process in the video below:

Dior Grand Bal Couture



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