The Biggest Surprise Appearances On The Fashion Week Catwalks So Far

From Miley Cyrus to chef Danny Bowien, here are all the runway cameos that were certainly highlights in their own right
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As far as fashion seasons go, the recent Fall/Winter 2020 collections have been just a tad bit sleepy. Sure, the collections are impeccable, but we daresay it lacked a certain air of novelty and daring, and much less so with the noticeably barren NYFW schedule and an ongoing coronavirus scare. However, a closer look at the runways proved that there was much more to the shows than at first glance. Apart from witnessing fashion week regulars like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the catwalk, a notable amount of celebrities have made their catwalk appearances this season,too, capturing the hearts and attention of the public.

Check out all the unexpected celebrity cameos we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing so far: 

Miley Cyrus 

It was just a brief moment, but one that truly captured our hearts and minds. Miley Cyrus, and her hips, made a surprise appearance at the Marc Jacobs Fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Cyrus came out swinging in a black bra and matching trousers and gloves, alongside other models such as Kaia Gerber, Karlie Kloss, and the Hadids. We may or may not have booked an extra slot at the gym after.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham made her runway debut at London Fashion Week for 16Arlington, where the actress (and now, model?) was dressed in a black A-line loofah mini dress, and a single-sleeved black leather bodice. It’s a fitting partnership, where both Dunham and the British womenswear label have been vocal about size inclusivity in fashion.


Anh Duong

The female artist famous for her series of self-portraits was an image of elegance for the Prabal Gurung catwalk. The 59-year-old gushed about her experience on instagram, stating, “In my twenties they told me I would never model because I was mixed race and looked too exotic...Many moons later I am still modeling 😅 and back on the catwalk ...It was my first big lesson in life on how to be your own leader. The fashion industry is the most powerful venue to influence how we view beauty and women. Today I am honored to represent my age group.” Certainly a win for inclusivity in an industry with notoriously high standards.


Caroline Polachek

It’s fashion week, and of course it’s going to need more weirdness. Puppets and Puppets was a surreal show, taking references from French illustrator Jean Giraud on his illustrations and characters, in the form of troll doll princes, pregnant fairies and more. And rising musician Caroline Polacheck joined in on the fun, closing the show in a green pannier skirt, matching batwing top and a pink collar.... All in courtly steps that made her look like she was floating. 

Lindsey Wixon 

Once a fashion regular, Lindsey Wixon skipped recent fashion seasons since announcing her departure from fashion at the age of 23. But if her recent appearance at Missoni and e1972 is to be taken as any sign, she may just be returning to the catwalks once more. 

Jillian Mercado

The model and disability activist Jillian Mercado, made her runway debut for The Blonds, and it was certainly the highlight of the week. Mercado, who was born with spastic muscular dystrophy wore an ornate golden bodysuit and matching headdress. She later wrote on her instagram, ““This moment was brought to you by every single person who has a disability around the world that has felt unseen and unheard. [...] I’ve been through countless wars making sure that this moment was exactly how I imagined through every obstacle you can think of.” Designer David Blond responded with an enthusiastic comment on Mercado's post. “You ruled! Thank [you] so much for bringing this life! So much love and respect! #SaintJillian.”


Danny Bowien 

Mission-Chinese chef owner Danny Bowien made a runway appearance at not just one, but three fashion shows. The ultra-hip chef walked for Sandy Liang, Puppets and Puppets, and Eckhaus Latta.

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