Exclusive Look: Raf Simons' First Calvin Klein Campaign

Raf Simons is the perfect choice for the Calvin Klein brand

It is clear that Raf Simons is the perfect match to the Calvin Klein brand as the chief creative officer debuts his first campaign for the quintessential American brand.

Not only is a new logo introduced, an upcoming “By Appointment” collection is also lined up at NYFW, showing us how Raf Simons reintepret and refreshed his vision for Calvin Klein. 

Shot by Willy Vanderperre at the Andy Warhol Museum and Rubel Family Collection, the campaign, dubbed “American Classics”, showcases Calvin Klein’s signature staples — denim jeans, cotton tanks, men’s briefs and more.

On this new direction, Raf says, “It’s a celebration of Calvin Klein’s iconic underwear and jeans; acknowledging their status as Pop and showing them in the world of art.”

If this “fashion meets art” theme is what Raf has in mind for Calvin Klein, we are all in for it.



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