Check Out The World's Most Expensive Mask at US$1.5 Million

An Israeli jewellery company is making what may be the world's most expensive mask
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How much is a face mask worth? For some, it serves its function as a protective item, but for others, it has become an accessory of great importance when it comes to styling your outfit. And given that it is so essential to our health and protection, why not spice it up a little with just a few adornments, right?

A new mask release has been exceeding all expectations on that front. Israeli jewellery brand Yvel has set the internet abuzz -- they have manufactured what may just been the most expensive and luxurious mask in the world, at the cost of  US$15 million (that's 20.5 million Singapore dollars)! 

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As reported by Associated Press, the 18-karat white gold face mask has been decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds, with a total weight of about 270 grams and fitted with top-rated N99 filters, meeting the most stringent health standards of the FDA and the European Union. The mask is designed by Israel-based Orna and Isaac Levy together with the help of 25 artisans.

And who may this buyer be? A Chinese billionaire from Shanghai, who lives in the United States, who has been buying the company's jewellery for decades. The mask was ordered as a symbolic gesture of financial support to the 150 employees of the jewelry store.

Find out more about the mask with the video below:

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