Summer Trend: How The Most Stylish Women Are Wearing Cycling Shorts

Featured by the most stylish celebrities, the cycling shorts have been essential for several seasons on the fashion scene. Perfect for the summer and warmer weathers, it nevertheless requires some creativity to pull it off stylishly. Here are some of the inspiring silhouettes who have succeeded in reinventing it.
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Like dad sandals, this summer trend is one of the trends that stirs some controversy. However, we are now two seasons in and it seems like the cycling shorts are here to stay, making their rounds around the fashion set and even as part of the essential off duty looks of top models Kendall Jenner. Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski or Hailey Bieber. 

The biggest fashion houses have also been quick to reinvent the famous biker shorts, giving it a new lease of life. Though far from being everyone's taste, the cycling shorts are nevertheless one of the pieces that are oh-so easy to wear in the summer, due to their practicality and breezy fit as the temperatures rise.

But how does one adopt it without having the impression of setting out for the Tour de France? The answer lies in 10 ultra fashionable silhouettes seen outside of the catwalks during the last Fashion Weeks. Scroll ahead for some major inspiration.

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In a total beige look, with an oversized tie-up shirt, white sneakers and exposed socks © Matthew Sperzel / Getty Images
1597284302409910 gettyimages 1160053216
Couture, with a maxi blazer, a headband and tied pumps © Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images
1597284302717414 gettyimages 1160346435
Paired with a long dress and strappy sandals © Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images
1597284303355171 gettyimages 1171368403
Ultra fashionable, with an oversized blazer and XXL thigh-high boots © Edward Berthelot / Getty Images
1597284303624351 gettyimages 1181977446
In a total black look with a sporty look, with a crop top, high ankle boots and a blazer © Melodie Jeng / Getty Images
1597284303975823 gettyimages 1183024218
Casual, with a slogan sweatshirt, a checked blazer and black sneakers © Melodie Jeng / Getty Images
1597284304219984 gettyimages 1188778308
Workwear, with a white and black top, white flip flops and a blazer © Edward Berthelot / Getty Images
1597284304508513 gettyimages 1134426346
Logo, with branded belts, babies, a white t-shirt and a mesh jacket © Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images
1597284304874775 gettyimages 1134434480
Stylish, with a tied leather trench coat, biker gloves, and strappy sandals © Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images
1597284305168316 gettyimages 1160024894
Casual, with a slogan sweatshirt and pumps © Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images

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