10 Makeup Trends To Try For The Rest of 2020

You're about to see them everywhere. Get inspired by these looks now.
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When it comes to makeup, lower temperatures, or the later part of the year, call for a striking and bold look. And although many of us may be spending our Saturday nights in front of the television with a glass of wine, there may be nothing better than trying out some of the latest make-up trends to treat ourselves with a little indulgence and glamour. 

Ahead, get inspired by the 10 makeup trends that are dominating the coming season.

Purple eyeshadow

Vibrant and colorful makeup has made its comeback in recent seasons. This winter, the purple and lilac shades have gained even more prominence. In addition to bringing a touch of relaxation and elegance, they are the perfect shades to incorporate for an intense and winter appropriate touch to the trend. To make the look even more striking, try out shades that come bright and highly pigmented.


Colourful Lower Liner

Why should your top lash line have all the fun? For a striking, yet playful look, try outlining your lower lashes, especially in unexpected colours. Simply line your lower lashes with either the same colour or a lighter shade than the top for a fun touch to your look. 


Messy eyebrows

For a long time, our eyebrows were expected to be flawless, with nary a stray hair in sight. Well, this season calls for the opposite. It's time to embrace our brows in its stripped down, messy version, and for a bold look in the process.


Double-coloured Eyeliner

Just one shade for your eyeliner? That's so last year. It's time to amp things up a bit with two coloured eyeliners. Try it out by complementing classic black with a bright hue, or in two unexpected shades for something even more artistic and daring.


Floating Eyeliner 

This 60s inspired trend is now updated for 2020, with eyeliner that doesn't stick to just your lash line anymore. Retro and lively, you'll look cool and instantly put together with minimal effort.


One Shade

From the clothes to the make up! The single shade trend is gaining more and more prominence in make-up because it helps to bring a classic connection between the tint of your mouth to cheeks, making it perfect for refined looks with a modern aesthetic.


Matte, brown lips

The 90s obsession continues. If you miss that slightly grunge style that matte lips and brown tones bring, your time has come! For a more defined look, be sure to line your lips with a lip pencil in the same shade or a shade darker.


Warm Bronzers

When contouring became a trend, the rule was clear: bet on cool tones to make it look more subtle,and like a part of the skin. But this season the idea is exactly the opposite: choose bronzers with warm tones for a healthy, sunkissed overall look.


Vamp lips

Of course, we can't forget popular shades of wine and burgundy for the winter. To complete the look? Just a little mascara, light blush and highlighter, and you're good to go! 

Neon Shadows and Outlines

Here's a fun one we'd glady get behind! This look is playful, relaxed and sunny. The vibrant and neon tones like green, lilac and orange are gaining in popularity this season, bringing life to your face, for an instant cool factor.

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