Concealer Tips and Tricks You Need To Know, As Told by Dakota Johnson's Makeup Artist

Kate Lee's advice for a natural and flawless finish.
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Take a look at the makeup of A-list celebrities Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron or Dakota Johnson and you will no doubt notice one thing in common: their skin appearance is flawless, but the finish is natural.

Without the slightest trace of contouring, their faces present the appearance of natural skin that is glowy, but never too heavy.

Hiding unwanted blemishes and pores doesn't have to mean overly harsh products or too-obvious concealments. Matter fact, Kate Lee, the makeup artist of these stunning celebrities has a trick to ensure that the result are as close to natural as possible.



During a live on her Instagram, the celebrity makeup artist, who also worked with Emilia Clarke,  Tessa Thompson and Keira Knightley shared some of her foolproof beauty tips. Her advice? Correct, but do not cover. You should not expect just one base color or concealer to even out your entire face. Here's how: work on neutralising the different tones of your face individually, which will minimize the need for the amount of concealer needed to complete the look, leading to more natural results. 





Combining different concealer colours will help to give off that natural, painterly effect. Understanding the role of each concealer color is essential to achieve this result: green is ideal for masking redness and acne; apricot (yellow-orange) serves to add glow and hide any presence of darkness or dark circles; the color pink helps neutralize any shade of blue or purple, including the dreaded black circles under the eyes. For darker skin tones, brighter oranges and reds are great alternatives that can effectively neutralize purple and hyperpigmented undertones.

Of course, it is important to take the time to carefully assess our needs and the areas we need to neutralize and conceal before purchasing new products. Just look at where you really need to step in to conceal a certain area.

Also, a good brush for mixing colors plays a valuable role in ensuring a natural look. Go for a soft, rounded brush to ensure an even finish.




Once unwanted tones are neutralized, the concealer acts as a final touch before foundation. Do avoid classic contouring techniques under the eyes or too heavy application, as this area tends to easily accumulate and look cakey, making expression lines and wrinkles more defined.









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