Watch: Prada's 'The Postman Dreams 2' Short Films

Director Autumn de Wilde turns her lens on a series of whimsical short films, starring the iconic Prada Galleria bag
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From quirky to the downright surreal, you can always expect Prada's cinematic offerings to deliver – seamlessly melding the worlds of fashion and film into a series of deliciously elaborate short films (see: last year's 'Past Forward' by director David O. Russell and 'Castello Cavalcanti', Wes Anderson's eight-minute short back in 2013).

This holiday season, the Italian fashion house introduces 'The Postman’s Dreams 2', a four-part series of whimsical short movies directed by acclaimed American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde. Elijah Wood (left) takes on the titular role as an unsuspecting postman bearing gifts – but make no mistake, the real star of the show is Prada's iconic Galleria bag (the object of desire and thread connecting each of the four instalments).

Watch all four short films below.

The Bogey - The Postman Dreams 2
The Bogey

Kicking off the series is 'The Bogey', the debut instalment which stars actress Emma Roberts as herself. Here, the Postman unwittingly becomes the ‘bogey’ (an individual who walks through a shot while the camera is rolling) to deliver the Galleria bag to its delighted recipient.

The Troublemaker - The Postman Dreams 2
The Troublemaker

In the second episode, director de Wilde draws on the screwball comedies of the 1930s to present 'The Troublemaker'. Elijah Wood’s Postman is in hot pursuit of Sasha Frolova, a mischievous lady who refuses to accept her present – the Prada Galleria bag –without first engaging in a game of cat and mouse.

The Punch - The Postman Dreams 2
The Punch

Like every classic Hollywood scene where a wronged woman exacts her revenge, 'The Punch' delivers action, drama, and suspence in one short film. In the third installment, the Postman witnesses Amber Valletta in a lover's tiff.  Jealousy and rage eventually turn to euphoria when he delivers her a precious gift – the Prada Galleria bag.

The Elevator - The Postman Dreams 2
The Elevator

In the fourth and final installation of Prada's witty cinematic series, 'The Elevator' celebrates the joy and art of gift-giving as the Postman delivers his final package to to Natalia Dyer in the chaotic yet uplifting confines of an elevator. 



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