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In anticipation of her upcoming romantic comedy series, People With Flaws, Korean actress Oh Yeon-Seo gets intimate on her life as an actress, her co-star wish list, and her ever-evolving style
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Unlike other Korean actresses on the scene, Oh Yeon-Seo has never been the one to throw herself into multiple projects simultaneously. Instead, she has always carefully chosen roles that fit the bill and challenge her skills as an actress with flicks like Come Back Mister (2016) and My Sassy Girl (2017). Her most recent success was playing the female lead for A Korean Odyssey (2018), a modern romantic reinterpretation of the classic Chinese fairytale, A Journey To The West, where she starred opposite Korean actor Lee Seung Gi. 

Coinciding with the publication of this issue, Oh is set to make her comeback to the small screen this November with People With Flaws (a tentative title), a romantic comedy she stars in opposite Ahn Jae Hyuk. We jumped at the chance to meet the actress for a tête-à-tête when she flew down to Malaysia for an appearance at the opening of the new Kate Spade boutique in Suria KLCC. Laidback, cool, and effortless with a hint of mischief, Oh turned things up a few notches for this shoot and exclusive interview. 

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Your new drama People With Flaws is making its debut this month. Can you give us a sneak peek about the new series? 

People With Flaws is a romantic comedy-drama about a woman who hates handsome men and a man who is obsessed about looks; and about them overcoming their biases. Ju Seo Yeon (my character) was raised with three handsome brothers. So, she hates handsome men and her ideal man is a man who is "not handsome". She cries out that lookism is absurd but goes through changes in her bias on judging people by their looks after meeting Lee Kang Woo (played by Ahn Jae Hyuk). 



And before this, you are known for your role in the drama Korean Odyssey and the film remake of Cheese In The Trap. Is there a big difference between acting for TV and for film?

I haven't done a lot of film projects so far. For dramas, while we have a script, there are many improv instances where we adapt the script to what we think works. So, in a way, we do create a drama as we go. It is less rigid compared to acting for film productions where scripts tend to be more precise. 



With over a decade of experience as an entertainer, what do you think makes a great actor? 

As an actress, the most important thing for me is to do the script justice. I always strive to be proactive and hardworking to improve myself and my skill set to make up for anything that I am lacking as an actress. 

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Who is your dream co-star? 

Leonardo DiCaprio? If I ever venture into the Hollywood market, he would be the one (laughs). 



How would you describe your personal style? 

I don't have a specific style in mind. I think it is more about developing an identity that will resonate with people. I guess it's an ever-changing process because we grow and change every day. 



What's your go-to look for the fall season? 

Winter clothing tends to be more muted and safe. So I like to make my outfit stand out with a colourful bag or a cool pair of shoes. 



What about your must-have accessory? 

Definitely a bag that can house all my daily items, from my phone to makeup and more. Personally, the Kate Spade Dorie bucket bag is just perfect for all that. 

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Do you have any other upcoming projects that you can share with us?

I'm never the kind to take on a lot of projects simultaneously. I prefer to focus on one project at a time to give it my best. So right now, People With Flaws is the only thing that I am working on that I can share with you. For the others that come after, you'll just have to wait and see. 




All clothing and accessories Kate Spade Holiday 2019

Styling Monica Mong

Photography Nelson Chong / Wala Wala Pictures

Text Calvin Chong

Hair Shin Ae Lee

Makeup Hye Yong Hyun

Photography Assistant Asyraf Muhammad

Styling Assistant Joyce Fan & Noel Khoo



First seen in the November 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore



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