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Get to know the pixie-faced model as she talks style, hangouts, and her friendship with Nana Komatsu
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Embroidered wool jacket and tweed dress with sequins, Louis Vuitton

You know you're a cool girl when you go by a mononym, and our October cover girl Emma is the coolest. With her signature bob and red pout, she's become one of Tokyo's biggest It-girls. Now, she's taking on the streets of Paris and New York. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her style secrets, travel must-haves, and the beauty of friendship. 

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Cotton ruffled dress, Neo Square bag in Taurillion leather, calfskin knee-high boots, and leather hat, Louis Vuitton

How would you define your style?

All-rounded. I want to be someone who can rock any kind of clothing or makeup looks.


What is your style usually inspired by?

I'm mostly influenced by films and artists from the '80s and the '90s. 


What are some staple items in your wardrobe?

My must-have items would be a white T-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. 

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Cotton lace shirt, wool dress, and Dauphine Bumbag BB, Louis Vuitton

What are some of your favourite places to travel to and why?

London. My dad is British and my roots are from the UK, so I feel relaxed and inspired every time I visit. I tend to visit twice a year at least.


What do you always pack with you whenever you travel?

A portable speaker! I love listening to music and I like to do so even when I'm chilling in my hotel room. Whenever I travel I will definitely pack them along. I don't feel alone as long as there's music. 

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Embroidered wool dress and Twist BB Bag in quilted calfskin, Louis Vuitton

You're close friends with fellow model, Nana Komatsu. What's your friendship like?

She's someone precious to me. She's a friend who's like a younger sister too. I can talk to her about everything, from my personal life to work. It's been 6 years since we became friends but she's still someone who makes me comfortable when she's around me. 

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Wool jumpsuit, leather belt, and Mini Luggage in Damier Colours canvas and calfskin, Louis Vuitton


Hair Erika Fung 

Makeup Yuka Washizu

Photography assistant Atsushi Hiratsuka

Styling assistant Hiroyuki O

Model Emma / Stardust

Words Pameyla Cambe



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