Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2018 Ball

Following the theme of "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", here are some of the most divine couture looks to ever grace the red carpet last night.
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Rihanna in Maison Margiela by John Galliano

It's the one look that we were all anxiously waiting for, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Rihanna — the co-chairwoman of last night's ball and the one celebrity who has been undisputedly proclaimed as the Queen of the Met Gala — has elevated herself to a new position: the Pope of the Met Gala. Fashion's new high priestess took us to church with her pearl and crystal-embellished gown, which she paired with some Christian Louboutin heels.

Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto in Gucci

Ever heard that song, Jesus Was A Rockstar? Jared Leto pretty much confirmed that last night when he showed up to the ball with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and sad-pop singer Lana Del Rey (who, appropriately, was channelling Our Lady of Sorrows), all of them decked out in Gucci. We're hailing them as the Holy Trinity of the Met Gala 2018. 

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace

Blake Lively already looks stunning on a normal day, but the actress took it to a whole other level we didn't know was possible with her deep red silk velvet gown, complete with an entirely encrusted bustier — all of which took 600 hours to make and a party bus to transport to the ball. 

Zendaya in Atelier Versace

Here's something that the Catholic saint Joan of Arc and Zendaya have in common: they're both known to "slay" — Joan, in the Hundred Years' War alongside the French, and Zendaya at red carpet events. The actress would have pulled off the look of the French martyr convincingly enough with her armoured neck-and-shoulder piece, sparkling chainmail and spiked belt, but she also donned a cropped wig resembling Joan's famous bob to complete her look. 

Lily Collins in Givenchy Haute Couture

British-American actress Lily Collins channelled her "inner chic nun vibes" with an elegant outfit composed of a black body suit in double satin with a white outline, a black oversized underskirt and a sheer black overskirt. Her gothic makeup look and rosary beads were just the extra touches needed to complete this saintly ensemble. 

SZA in Atelier Versace

SZA descended from heaven to grace the ball with her angelic ensemble of an ethereal multi-layered silk tulle gown in pink — a shade that stood out amongst the sea of gold, red and black dresses. The R&B singer topped the look off with a celestial gold headpiece that were dotted with stars. Just like she sang in her hit single for the Black Panther soundtrack, all the stars were closer to her last night. 

Ariana Grande in Vera Wang

An iconic popstar deserves an iconic gown — or at least, one that features one of the most famous works in art history. The one in question is Michelangelo's fresco masterpiece, The Last Judgement, which adorns the sanctuary wall of the sacred Sistine Chapel, as well as Ariana Grande's gown for the ball last night. (The singer had actually hinted at her dress on Instagram the night before.) Not bad for a first-ever Met Gala appearance. 

Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren

Other than Rihanna's pope crown, we saw many a halo-style tiara at the Met Gala this year. This more or less leaves Priyanka Chopra with the most unique headpiece of the night. The Bollywood actress wore a stunning gold-embroidered hood atop her deep burgundy velvet gown — a dress that otherwise might not have stood out as much. All we can say is those 250 hours of hand embroidery of Swarovski crystals certainly paid off.

Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta

Many of the Met Gala guests were undoubtedly trying to look like the Virgin Mary last night, but nobody pulled it off better than Kate Bosworth. The actress was quite the sight to behold with her crinkled gold foil-painted spiral draped tulle gown, which was made all the more divine with her veiled headpiece-slash-capelet. 


Chadwick Boseman in Atelier Versace

Chadwick Boseman was hands down the best dressed man on the Met Gala red carpet this year. The Black Panther star wore a regal, all-white embellished tuxedo — a far cry from his famous superhero costume — together with bejewelled crosses and a cape to match. This is one priest we'd gladly confess our sins to.


Admittedly, we couldn't just pick 10 looks to highlight from last night's Met Gala, not when the event was blessed with so many other celebrities who'd pulled out all the stops to match this year's theme. Here are some of the event's unsung heroes:



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