Loewe's Latest Cushion Tote Is The Cult Accessory To Have This Summer

Jonathan Anderson gives the Cushion Tote a full-on leather makeover.

The Spanish label definitely knows how to take everyday objects and turn them into accessories that we simply love. For instance, Loewe's leather ankle boots with chunky, wooden sculptured heels was inspired by the foot of a wooden chair. And when it comes to bags that channel summer lovin', Loewe took inspiration from fishing nets and turned that into an intricately hand-woven bucket bag. 

Now, Loewe presents the new Cushion Tote:-a reinterpretation of the iconic home decor cushion. Each Cushion Tote incorporates the Spanish house's signature medium, leather, to give the bag a soft texture while retaining its iconic rectangular structure. We can totally see this roomy bag as a convenient travel companion for its practical functionality. If you're looking for the ultimate beach bag, Loewe also offers the Cushion Tote in canvas in neutral shades of cream. Pair it with a printed midi dress and you are good to go. 

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