J.W. Anderson Releases the Funniest Bag Campaign of SS19

In a spoof on QVC segments, performance artist Justin Vivian Bond plays celebrity spokesmodel Sandie Stone, fawning over the Keyts bag and its tiny companion.
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"You're gonna die. I'm gonna die. We might all die!" Justin Vivian Bond's words as celebrity host Sandie Stone are the only adequate way to describe the new J.W. Anderson campaign. To promote their Spring 2019 bag line, the brand went full QVC in a corny video that's sure to provide some much-needed laughs to whoever encounters it.

From the start of the video, it's clear that this campaign is going somewhere J.W. Anderson hasn't gone before. Upbeat elevator music plays as titles introduce Stone and Joyce Nawman (played by Jill Pangolla), and then the two proceed to host a "JWA-TV" segment while laughing at their own jokes and ordering around model Amber (played by Staci D, an *actual* QVC on-air talent). The hosts cover all bases while introducing the Keyts bag, which has two wearing options—high and tight, like Sandie, or low and loose, like Joyce—and, much like the Jacquemus Chiquito, has a mini version that doesn't hold much of anything but will surely generate some Instagram hype. From Stone's rant about festival wear to the appearance of an old fish tin to demonstrate the bag's functional inspiration, the video makes constant laughs out of the consumerist world beloved by stay-at-home moms and insomniacs alike.

"I remember working on some of my first collections and listening to her albums on repeat," creative director Jonathan Anderson said about why he decided to work with Bond, who he has long admired. With an elegantly "off" tone and a constant stream of witty remarks, the Tony-nominated performing artist carries the campaign in the liveliest way, not to mention she beautifully caters to a moment that celebrates both memes and the LGBTQ community more than ever.

Highlighting J.W. Anderson in possibly the most humorous way ever, the campaign seems likely to bring a new audience to the British designer's namesake brand. Moving forward, one can only hope for more cheesy takes on consumer culture and self-awareness of peculiar accessories.

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