JW Anderson's New Net-a-Porter Collection "Can Talk to All Women"

The designer tell us more about how British Aestheticism inspired his new collaboration and why its pieces can appeal to any woman.
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Led by the motto "Art for Art's Sake", the mid-19th century British Aestheticism movement prized craftsmanship and design above all else. As Oscar Wilde once put it, "Beauty is a form of Genius — is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation." Neither do the pieces from JW Anderson's latest collaboration with Net-a-Porter, which for the first time includes a full range of ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories.

The beauty of form takes centre stage in the collection through fluid pieces like loose asymmetrical dresses, oversized tailored trousers and slouchy denim. Proportions are at play too, as seen in the knitwear pieces. 

Below, the British designer talks us through the exclusive capsule collection, which will be unveiled on his Spring/Summer 2019 show today and available to buy immediately after it on Net-a-Porter.

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the collection? What about the British Aestheticism movement appealed to you?

I am obsessed with Oscar Wilde. The British Aestheticism movement was about appreciating aesthetics with no real rationale behind it.



Which figures of the British Aestheticism movement influenced your collection?

Christopher Dresser and architect E.W. Godwin. Dresser was a main figure in the Aesthetic Movement, and a significant contributor to the Anglo-Japanese style which typified the movement.

The collection embodies the motto “Art for Art’s Sake”. Is fashion a form of art to you?

Yes, absolutely. Everything’s all mixed together now anyways. Art and fashion? It’s hard to tell the difference. You could say fashion is about the body, and art is about an emotional interpretation of the body.


What is different about this capsule collection compared to your previous collaborations with Net-A-Porter?

We did a very successful shirt collaboration with Net-A-Porter a few years back. This is a complete collection with clothes and accessories including our new disc satchels, which we will exclusively introduce for the first time on Net-A-Porter.


What are the standout pieces of the collection?

There is a very elegant and modern long black dress, an unexpected pant suit, and a new mini version of our large disc satchel, which we are very excited about.


How has the classic shirt been transformed in this collection?

We really focused on the structure of the shirting: a modern twist on a classic design, an item to be dressed up or dressed down.


The collection also includes your collaboration with Converse. What do you think makes the sneaker a timeless item?

It is a staple everyone should have in their wardrobe, just like your perfect jeans.

Describe the woman that this collection was designed for. When and where do you see her wearing its pieces?

I am not someone who designs with gender in mind. This collection can talk to all women, no matter age or heritage, or profession.


How would you define femininity for the modern woman?

Definitely blurred compared to past ideals of it. We have styled more feminine silhouettes on a stiffer pair of jeans for example. It can be elegant, but you pair it like this and suddenly it’s very easy to wear and modern.

The JW Anderson x Net-A-Porter collection will be available on Net-a-Porter after the JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2019 show on 15 September at 11pm. See all the pieces in the gallery below:




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