In Gucci: 6 Malaysian Artists On Self-Expression And Individualism

Not the ones to shy away from the limelight, these creatives whose work reflect an unfiltered sense of self-expression are the true embodiment of individualism.
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If there is one thing we took away from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 collection is the idea of "cultural juxtaposition", an idea strongly envisioned by creative director Alessandro Michele.

That idea looks towards counter-cultural groups, ones that stand out of the norm, who co-existed naturally, bringing a new meaning to self-expression and individualism. That brings us to the attention of a special collaboration between L'Officiel Malaysia and Gucci, where we feature six artists, each an expert in his/her respective fields, in an exclusive shoot to tell a story of what they think of individualism and self-expression.


(Watch the exclusive short film feature showcasing Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 below)


L'Officiel x Gucci presents The Testament of Youth

6 Creatives, 6 Ways of Individualism...

1561520348821936 gucci lofficiel pre fall 2019
(L-R) On Mandee: Kaftan dress; On Model Jin Wong: Checks pants; On Hishiko: GG embroidered top, A-line


Hishiko Woo (@hishikotattoo):

“Tattoo is one of the things in the world that lasts a long time. I love to create designs that tell a story or evoke emotions, as I am usually emotional.”


Mandee Lee (@mandeemoko):

“I love how tattoo ages on human skin. Get tattooed, grow old and be buried with your tattoo. It gives depth to your personality and enhances your aura.” 

1561520349128529 gucci lofficiel pre fall 2019 moto guo
On Moto: Washed polo, wool jacquard cardigan, silk scarf, moccasins; On Kinder: Inchiostro wool alpaca cardigan, striped shirt, cotton twill short pants, necklace, moccasins


Moto Guo (@motoguo) and Kinder Ng (@a_kinder_a_day):

“Do everything from within, and be fearless. Our work is an extension of our individuality, and fashion is a medium to convey our thoughts and messages.”

1561520349420904 gucci lofficiel pre fall 2019 silas oo pang hei
On Silas: GG jacquard oversize vest, dots jacket, striped over shirt, pants, Ace sneakers, Gucci Arli bag. On Pang: Cardigan jacket, wool jacquard cardigan, multistriped over shirt, pants, Ace sneakers, GG Marmont bag.


Silas Oo (@silas.jpeg):

“I try to tap into the subconscious while sketching and coming up with new ideas. I position myself as an observer, and paint what I appreciate.”


Pang Hei (@icedout.lambo):

“Being an artist is synonymous with being curious in the quest to explore and experiment. My work revolves around doodles and stickers that echo the rebellious energy of our youth.”

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Photography: Chintoo
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup: Chu Fan
Hair: Chiaki Sabata
Assistant: Sally Lau
Outfits: Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 collection




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