Gucci Eyewear: Music And Rock 'N' Roll

A behind the scenes look at the creative process of the new Gucci project where eyewear takes centre stage,
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Introducing the new Gucci project where the eyewear collection of the Italian brand occupies a central place. #GucciGig is inspired by the rich visual tradition of concerts, clubs and festivals. The creative director, Alessandro Michele, invited musicians and artists to work together to produce original works for Gucci.

1558926173588661  guccigig alex cameron 2 courtesy of gucci1558926173279501  guccigig alex cameron 3 courtesy of gucci
1558926172968569  guccigig alex cameron 5 courtesy of gucci1558926172673399  guccigig alex cameron 4 courtesy of gucci
#GucciGig, Alex Cameron. Courtesy of Gucci

For the project, 12 musicians from all over the world were asked to represent their personal live performance experience through shots, videos or exclusive illustrations, along with collaborators such as artists, illustrators, photographers, video directors and graphic designers. The results took on many forms, from photography to illustration and video; with genres ranging from behind-the-scenes reporting and onstage, fan art to the design of concert fliers.


Within their works, the musicians celebrate the most individual styles of the current Gucci eyewear collection. The designs have a distinctive spirit of rock 'n' roll: featuring large square shapes decorated with beautiful pearly acetate, rich glass paves and colorful leather details. In addition to the square pieces and a selection of street style aviator models that reflect the theme of daring forms combined with rich colors.

1558926179801164  guccigig lou doillon 1 courtesy of gucci1558926179413657  guccigig lou doillon 2 courtesy of gucci
1558926178854951  guccigig lou doillon 3 courtesy of gucci
#GucciGig, Lou Doillon. Courtesy of Gucci

The musicians and bands of #GucciGig, come from diverse countries with different styles, and they go from Alex Cameron, in collaboration with Jemima Kirke and Jack Ladder, Yves Tumor with Jordan Hemingway; Curtis Harding with Matt Correia and John Zabawa until the band Amyl and the Sniffers with Jamie Wdziekonski, Lou Doillon and Jehnny Beth with Johnny Hostile.

1558926180315876  guccigig curtis harding 10 courtesy of gucci
#GucciGig, Curtis Harding. Courtesy of Gucci

The launch of #GucciGig is synchronized with the debut of the Gucci Spotify account, where each musician of the project will create a playlist with an unexpected theme.

1558926181440168  guccigig jehnny beth 2 courtesy of gucci1558926181152156  guccigig jehnny beth 4 courtesy of gucci
1558926180868545  guccigig jehnny beth 3 courtesy of gucci1558926180630967  guccigig jehnny beth 5 courtesy of gucci
#GucciGig, Jehnny Beth. Courtesy of Gucci



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