Green Is The New Black

The standout colour of the season will make you green with envy
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Pantone may have declared ‘Living Coral’ the colour of 2019, but judging from what we’ve seen on the runways and streets, we’d make a case for green instead. Global fashion search platform Lyst announced earlier this year that online searches for pistachio and sage green had seen a major spike, and it’s safe to say that the greed for green is still going strong. Pistachio, in particular, seems to be the shade du jour.

Just to be clear, pistachio isn’t the sometimes alarmingly bright green you’re used to seeing in gelato. It isn’t mint or emerald or last year’s hot favourite kelly green either. Rather, pistachio is a soft green that ranges from the pastel hues of a macaron to the muted tones of moss. Surprisingly subtle and palatable, pistachio is perfect even for the colour-averse who might recoil at the thought of wearing green.

1567051081650260 pantone

Pistachio crept onto our radar with this year’s Spring/Summer collections, seen at labels like Jacquemus, Priscavera, and Staud.

1566892995004834 jacquemus spring 20191566892995277348 priscavera spring 2019
1566892995320033 staud summer 20191567050998999153 staud
Jacquemus Spring 2019, Priscavera Spring 2019, Staud Summer 2019, Staud Summer 2019

Pistachio proves to be evergreen with its sweeping presence on the Fall/Winter 2019 runways. Seen everywhere from Sally LaPointe to Jil Sander to Marc Jacobs, the colour shows off the versatility of its palette.

1566893063213770 jil sander1566893063466075 kenzo
1566893063580081 marc jacobs1566893063608541 molly goddard
1566893063621222 sally lapointe1566893063648407 sportmax
Jil Sander Fall 2019, Kenzo Fall 2019, Marc Jacobs Fall 2019, Molly Goddard Fall 2019, Sally LaPointe Fall 2019, Sportmax Fall 2019

Of course, if you don’t put it on Instagram, did it really happen? Check out some of the looks that bring a pop of colour in pistachio.

1566893212365882 alexa chung1566893212388927 alyssa coscarelli
1566893212405246 belen hostalet1566893212435142 elsa hosk
Alexa Chung, Alyssa Coscarelli, Belen Hostalet, Elsa Hosk

Even Princess Diana was a fan way back when.

1566893229837472 princess diana 21566893229859011 princess diana

Why pistachio, and why now? Is it because of the calming effect of green, especially now when mental health issues are rampant? Is it because green is a gender-neutral colour, in a time when gender issues are coming to the forefront of consciousness? Is it our love for all things matcha, filtering into fashion? Who knows! But we sure hope it’s here to stay.

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