Dare To Disrupt: Grace Ciao

These 10 creatives have rocked the boat, challenged expectations, and shaken up the system. Here, we’re given a peek into the daily lives of these disruptors and what continues to drive them.
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The university student turned fashion illustrator (@grace_ciao) got her claim to fame following a viral Buzzfeed article that featured her flower and watercolour works. Today, she’s a constant presence at fashion and beauty events and most readily remembered as a talented and speedy live illustrator with a sensitive and artistic eye for detail.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been keen on drawing. I’m happiest with a pencil and paper in my hand. As I grew up, I developed a particular interest in fashion, trying to recreate the glamorous styles I was seeing on TV and in magazines. My parents were encouraging but tried to steer me towards what they thought was a more worthwhile vocation.

Between continuing the bank job and pursuing illustration full time, it wasn’t a very difficult decision to make.

It was a purely accidental episode that started my blending of flowers with fashion. I was working on an illustration one day and a wilting rose on my desk caught my attention. It was really pretty and I found it a pity that its beauty was so short-lived. Wanting to immortalise and preserve their beauty, I quickly began adding them to the illustrations I was composing. To my pleasant surprise, they turned out pretty decent!

Haute couture always amazes me. I love looking at these intricate pieces of art and the craftsmanship they represent. To me, couture is an opportunity for brands and designers to present their most incredible and outrageous ideas, where there seems to be no limit to their ambitions. 

Fashion is a method of self-expression. I've illustrated different groups of people: socialites, makeup artists, social influencers and everyday ladies. It's interesting to see how people dress and doll up. 

I especially love illustrating people with very distinct personal styles. It could be as simple as a red hair in a bob to something complicated like a bohemian outfit with a rocker twist.

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