Dare To Disrupt: Bagaholic Boy aka Alvin Cher

These ten creatives have rocked the boat, challenged expectations, and shaken up the system. Here, we’re given a peek into the daily lives of these disruptors and what continues to drive them.
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If the name isn’t immediately recognisable, it’s because the blogger Bagaholicboy (@bagaholicboy) isn’t self-aggrandizing. What started out as a passion project has since evolved into arguably the most credible blog in Singapore to cover luxury fashion accessories. 

At the beginning, it was hard to get brands to send me press releases. They didn’t understand what I was doing! It was an uphill task trying to be recognised as a credible source of information online about luxury bags. 

The most important part of any blog is keeping your audience engaged. The pace has gone faster and faster and I remember when each brand only had a few collections a year as opposed to everything overlapping now. 

Blogging isn’t cool anymore. Let me explain. In the earlier years, starting a blog may have been the only solution. But now, people have other options like Instagram. In fact, I know many Singaporeans who have great Instagram accounts that focus on new luxury releases and brands they enjoy.

When it comes to writing, the rules are pretty much the same. But it’s a totally different world online. Overall, the blog has become more polished over the years though I feel that my voice is still pretty much the same. This old horse has had to learn new tricks. 

Get to know our pick of ten rule-breaking creatives in the March 2017 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.



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