Diesel JoggJeans Are Here To Save You From Bad Dates

An unconventional solution for an all-too-common problem
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Let's face it: online dating is a mess. Sure, there may be a diverse range of apps and platforms out there for you to find your one true love (if our society hasn't left you too jaded to believe in such a thing), but you also end up with an equally mixed bag of matches. And then there are the first dates. 


We've seen it all: the dates who look nothing like their photos, the ones who show up much later than acceptable or even the ones whom we wished never showed up at all. From the looks of its new online film, Diesel knows exactly what we're talking about. Inspired by "the Internet's most unsuccessful short love stories", the film follows a guy as he goes on a string of dates gone wrong. His response in the face of the unfolding disaster? Bolting away in Diesel's JoggJeans.


Made of a hybrid of denim and stretchable jersey, the JoggJeans boast all the comfort of a pair of sweatpants and none of its uncoolness. Modern romance may be doomed, but at least you can now make your getaway in style thanks to Diesel.


As a bonus, Diesel is also giving online shoppers access to express shipping for free — as long as they can prove that they have a date on the same day. Time to get swiping. 

Diesel JoggJeans: Made To Run Away

Diesel JoggJeans are now availabe on Diesel's website.



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