Hypebeasts And Their Influence On The Fashion Industry

It’s a word that first appeared in common usage as long ago as 2005, but the phenomenon of the hypebeast lives on.
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Ironically, and perhaps inevitably, by rejecting big brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger in favour of classic hypebeast favourites like Supreme and Palace, these have become big names in their own right. So, when a new range “drops”, it sets social media alight and fans of the fashions queue through the night to get their hands on the new lines. And, although the hypebeast phenomenon has its origins in New York and London, it has now spread worldwide, including to Singapore.

For fans of this particular kind of fashion, the fact that social media is abuzz with news of the latest looks and trends means that they can keep right up to the minute with what’s hot – and the very nature of social networks means that the news spreads quickly to other people who may also be interested.


It’s just this kind of “influencer marketing” that’s like gold-dust to the brands themselves. Posts about their fashions put out by genuine fans carry far more weight than other types of marketing like ads and posters because they have a strong element of authenticity to them. And by appearing to be the sorts of brands only for people “in the know”, it adds the sort of cachet that money just can’t buy. But, as many companies have discovered in the past, those that live by the power of social media can die by it too. Thus, many must feel that this presents a considerable risk if hypebeast opinion should turn against them.


below: Paris Fashion Week F/W 2018 street style by Adam Katz Sinding

As we’ve mentioned, the power of influencer marketing has also been picked up by almost every sector, especially those in which inside information is everything. A great example is the world of investment where people are always looking for the next big growth area. The widespread use of social media to share trends and information has brought in a whole new generations of investors. So, younger people who might once have been asking “what is CFD?” are now trying their luck with all kinds of investment opportunities and looking for hypebeast-style influencers to direct them.


The hypebeast phenomenon is undoubtedly a very powerful thing which now reaches far beyond fashion. It’s also an essential for anyone who wants to really be at the cutting edge — not just following it but creating it too — and now’s definitely the time to get involved!

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