Chloe Wise Illustrates Jacquemus’s Spring 2019 Campaign

The Canadian painter immortalizes Simon Porte Jacquemus's minimalist French Riviera-inspired aesthetic.
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Fashion is an art form, which explains why visual arts and fashion often merge and blend. After Alessandro Michele commissioned work from painter Ignasi Monreal to create Renaissance-style paintings featuring runway clothes for Gucci digital campaigns, Simon Porte Jacquemus is the next designer to blur the lines between fashion and art, working with New York-based Canadian artist Chloe Wise to illustrate his Spring 2019 campaign.

Jacquemus is known for his artful Instagram presence-where his posts come in threes, creating rows of curated content-while Wise also boasts quite the following thanks to her witty posts, so it’s no surprise the app played a role in their professional partnership. According to WWD, Jacquemus had the idea to work with Wise after watching her Instagram stories. Wise’s large-scale oil paintings tackle subjects like consumerism with a humorous tone but Jacquemus noticed they were also Riviera-inspired. From there, Wise made paintings from compositions Jacquemus designed, featuring three models in his spring wears. It was in her New York studio that Wise then painted the campaign images.

Jacquemus launched his label when he was just 19 years old, a year after moving to Paris to pursue a fashion career. He is known for his offbeat minimalist designs which draw inspiration from the South of France, where he grew up and feature asymmetric and deconstructed silhouettes. On his brand, the designer explained to Dazed in 2016 that  “Jacquemus is not about nightlife and clubbing and things like that, it’s more about fruit and vegetables and rolling in the grass.” Wise’s paintings for the Spring 2019 campaign perfectly encapsulate the Jacquemus aesthetic, depicting sun-kissed women carelessly sipping rosé on a beachside balcony. They are sporting Jacquemus clothing and accessories, including a mini waist-bag, one of the brand’s trademark accessories.

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