Bold 80s Trends That Are Taking Over Runways Once Again

The 80s rocked the loudest and boldest of fashion trends, and its no surprise that they are back to dominate the runways once again.
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Trends from the 80s are back on the runway in 2019- just take the large shoulder pads and bold neons, as seen on Saint Laurent's Fall 2019 runway as an example. They're also all over your Instagram feed, where seemingly every influencer ever is donning spandex bike shorts - perhaps even neon bike shorts - once again proving how much 80s fashion trends have re-emerged in 2019's fashion scene.


1. Shoulder Pads 

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Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2019 • Isabel Marant Fall 2019

Power shoulders are back stronger than ever! This trend thrived in the 80s when women fought for equality with men, leading to the exaggerated shoulder trend being a staple in many female work closets. The exaggerated shoulders also paraded down the runways of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and more. Recently, the trend has re-emerged again, with power shoulders making their way powerfully down runways, including the runways of Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant and more.


2. Bike Shorts

1565769568931651 fashion week spring 2019 trend bike shorts jacquemus1565835145787270 fendi spring 2019 23
Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2019 • Fendi Spring 2019

Seen on the runways of Fendi, Jacquemus and many more, these spandex biker shorts trend became a summer it item overnight. Often paired with long tops, blazers, and generally looser fitted tops that contrast with the tight-fitting bottoms. The trend has its roots back in the 80s, where everything athleisure was the rave. Check out how they've been styled on 2019's runways in the gallery above. 


3. Neon

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Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2019 • Versace Fall/Winter 2019

Pretty much everything neon is trending right now, from neon fashion to neon eyeliner. The trend has made bright and bold comebacks on the hottest runways for Fall/Winter 2019, including Saint Laurent, Versace, and many more. This trend also has its roots from the athleisure boom in the 80s, where neon gym wear was a popular fad. 


4. Animal Prints

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Gucci Spring/Summer 2019 • Anna Sui Resort 2020

The wild print trend was very popular in the 80s, with leopard prints, snake prints and many other animal prints spotted pretty much everywhere. The trend is clearly very much alive now, with Paco Rabbane and Gucci's leopard and snake prints during their Fall 2019 and Spring/Summer 2019 shows respectively, while Versace's pre-fall collection showcased zebra prints. Animal prints - especially zebra prints - have also been a recurring theme at Resort 2020, with brands like Anna Sui, Sacai and more sporting the print in their collections.


5. Gold Chain Jewellery


1565841376824343 versacegoldgoldplatednecklaceproduct1161542561655845240normal 11565858229591750 1560307683407313  dsc6106 v4
Versace Gold Medusa Charm Chain Necklace • Louis Vuitton SS20 Menswear Accessories

Large golden chain accessories are once again gaining popularity, with its bold aesthetic that adds a fun touch to simple outfits. Fashion houses like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace and more have already released necklaces donning the chunky aesthetic this year too. 



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