Bella Hadid and Xiao Wen Ju Front The Ambush x Bvlgari Capsule Collection

The limited edition collection pulls its inspiration from the Tree Python of South East Asia.
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A legendary luxury brand and a cult-favourite, Tokyo-based designer come together with one of the world’s most famous snakes. The result is this  -- Bulgari and Yoon Ahn’s  “Serpenti Through The Eyes of Ambush” collection, a limited edition range of handbags and accessories that pulls its inspiration from the Tree Python of South East Asia, a species known for its striking colours and fascinating movements.

As part of the campaign, models Bella Hadid, Xiao Wen Ju and Ellen Rosa are captured by Brooklyn based photographer Tyler Mitchell, and styled by Carlos Nazario in the limited edition collection, which combines the Roman Maison’s unquestionable glamour with the bold, contemporary nature of Ambush’s Yoon.  

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Image: Courtesy

The collection comes in three new styles: the Serpenti shoulder bag, the versatile Serpenti belt bag and the heart shaped Serpenti Minaudière, with each design combining a range of brilliant hues with accentuated shapes in a pop-culture inspired aesthetic that lends it infinite styling possibilities suitable for any occasion.

Yoon says, “For this capsule collection I wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti. Snakes are wondrous and fascinating creatures of nature but with Bvlgari they also became a symbol of glamour in constant evolution. Natural beauty meets human creation, all guided by a contemporary aesthetic.” 

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The Ambush x Bvlgari collection. Image: Courtesy

Each style of the Ambush x Bvlgari collection is adorned with a camouflaged snakehead closure - dressed in matching Nappa Leather and embellished in mother-of-pearl or black onyx.

Mireia Lopez Montoya, Bvlgari Accessory Unit Managing Director, states, “To collaborate with a young powerful woman like Yoon is for Bvlgari an incredibly inspiring experience. The visionary designer has reimagined our icon of glamour Serpenti with her unbridled creative approach achieving an entirely unexpected result. Once more, the Bvlgari snake amazes and surprises.”

The collection comes complemented with an array of accessories, including a heart-shaped coin case, three different credit card holders and a three-coil Serpenti bracelet. 

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1597222841478716 200713 bulgari tm 0051597222841488511 200713 bulgari tm 006
Image: Courtesy

Pre-orders are available on the Bvlgari website from 11th August, with deliveries from 3rd September, and will be available in store from 4th September 2020.

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