Moschino's Irreverent Vernissage

For Spring/Summer 2020, Jeremy Scott looks at Picasso's artistic history and evolution, staging a collection that is a celebration of his art and his women
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The union between art and fashion has been one of the most energetic and celebrated accords since the time of Schiaparelli, where the expressive language of one end up in the pictorial vocabulary of the other. Such is the Spring/Summer 2020 collection from Moschino by Jeremy Scott.

The collection draws form and colour from Picasso's immense pictorial oeuvre, while aiming to recreate the painter's visceral relationships with the many women in his life. Passion and torment, love and betrayal come back to life in the show. Models become authentic tableaux vivants. Quotations of famous works, from the portrait of “Woman who cries" to the torment of "Guernica", weaves into the pop language of Jeremy Scott.

The angular and sharp lines of cubism define the silhouettes of dresses alternated with splendid voluminous boleros, a tribute to the Andalusian vestimenta tradition. Even the accessories do not escape the pictorial rage of Jeremy Scott, including bulls' heads, violins, and a fun bucket bag that perfectly reproduces the tin can where brushes are stored awaiting the next masterpiece.

Check out the entire collection below:




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