The Best Perfume to Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign

Warm and woody, or fresh and floral, L’OFFICIEL guides you through a selection of scents for each zodiac sign.
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Picking a signature scent that suits your skin's pH and personality is an extremely personal task. While some prefer fresh, floral notes, others opt instead for warm, musky scents—and your stars' alignment may help you discern what fragrance is the right fit for you.

Earth signs are known for their grounded qualities, and a woody fragrance may be their best bet. Water signs can feel their most authentic selves with sweet, refreshing scents, whereas Fire signs need something more bold and spicy. For Air signs, a light and citrusy scent can capture their free-spirited nature. To help you find the best perfime option, L’OFFICIEL rounds up a curated list of fragrances to match your zodiac sign accordingly.


This fragrance’s top notes of bergamot and lemon celebrate the energy and joie de vivre embodied by Aries.

Born in Roma Yellow Dream Donna, Valentino

The main accords of cannabis, tobacco, and cashmirwood provide this fragrance with the immediate punch of interest for this Fire sign.

Smoke for the Soul, Kilian

For independent and impulsive Aries, a combination of fresh orange with warm saffron offers a bold blend.

Spicy Aoud, Montale Paris


This rich, woody scent with leather and sandalwood notes will satisfy all of the bull’s senses.

Santal 33, Le Labo

Housed in a limited edition Dior toile de jouy casing, this jasmine and bergamot-based scent makes for the perfect everyday scent that the practical Taurus will love.

Gris Dior - Toile De Jouy Limited Edition, Christian Dior

Earthy Taurus will be drawn to this fragrance of green leaf notes and cracked coriander seed. It’s like a trip into nature.

Coriander,  Ds&Durga


Perfumer Thierry Wasser brings together various floral notes that encourage boldness, freedom, and energetic actions. Lighthearted Gemini is the perfect match.

Dior Addict, Dior

The classic Flowerbomb is an explosion of fresh, sweet notes of bergamot and green tea ideal for the bubbly and ever-changing personality of Gemini.

Flowerbomb, Viktor&Rolf

Airy Gemini loves the thrill that comes with new experiences and this fruity fragrance launching this month is the perfect novel accessory to try.

Étoile Filante, launching January 27, Louis Vuitton


A mix of amber, caramel, and vanilla gives this scent a powdery finish that the Water sign can hardly resist.

Gourmand, Bottega Profumeria

The comforting, sugary notes of caramel will make the sensitive crab feel at home.

Prada Candy, Prada

For sweet, emotional Cancer a gourmand scent with notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and coconut milk is a must-have.

Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille


Eccentric Leos will use this wild and spicy fragrance to let everyone know they've arrived to the party. 

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir

This limited edition scent of bitter almond oil and leather works wonders to step up Leos' game.

Tom Ford F*cking Fabulous

The king of the jungle needs an inticing and risqué signature scent to match their level of confidence. This rum-scented fragrance has all the boldness of a strong pour.

Dark Rum Malin+Goetz


A balanced scent for practical yet high maintenance Virgo, this Gucci perfume includes a blend of notes of sandalwood and musk for grounding and chamomile for calming.

Mémoire d’une Odeur Gucci

Earthy Virgo will not criticize the light, clean, and crispness of gardenia and jasmine set against a backdrop of woody notes.

Jasmin Kusamono Armani Privé

The sophisticated sign will adore this tasteful and luxurious Swiss perfume that will fit right into their carefully organized shelfie.

Poudre d'Or Mizensir


Libra is an esthete, a lover of beauty. The top notes of orange blossom, geranium, and cyclamen will elevate this Air sign even more.

Angels of Florence, Santa Maria Novella

The fruity and floral composition of this scent is a natural aphrodisiac for romantic Libras. 

Chloé Rose Tangerine Eau de Toilette

Top notes of Turkey red rose and pink pepper bring the idealistic Libra to beautiful and dreamy faraway lands. 

Rose of No Man’s Land, Byredo


The sensual Scorpio needs exotic notes of neroli, mandarin orange, and almond to seduce and bewitch.

Sensual Orchid, Laurent Mazzone Parfums

For the mysterious and instinctive Scorpio, an intense and oriental fragrance with top notes of mandarin orange, lavender, and bergamot will do.

Libre Intense Yves Saint Laurent

Captivating like the stinging sign, this scent is an invitation into their inner secretive world.

Midnight Fleur Nest


Sagittarius have an open-mind. This oriental accord of spices enriches this Fire sign’s fondness for foreign cultures.

Eau Duelle Eau de Toilette, Diptyque

Adventurous Sagittarius has to be stimulated by bright and strong notes of coffee and Texas cedar for a sense of discovery.

Cowboy, Mondo Mondo

A perennial optimistic soul with a zest for life, this sign will greatly benefit from a spray of grapefruit and mandarin orange mixed with fresh basil. 

Eau de New York, Bond No.9


Total homebodies and security addicts, Capricorns will fall in love with this fragrance inspired by the comfort of a bubble bath. With notes of rose, lavendar, and coconut, it can bring out a softer side to the sea-goat.

'Replica' Bubble Bath, Sephora

Big on tradition and nostalgia, this Earth sign will be allured by this oriental fragrance that reminds of ancient Moroccan towns and spice markets.

Marrakech Intense,Aesop

Workaholic and stubborn Capricorn wants to smell expensive and lush. The sweet notes of raspberry mixed with oud and leather definitely hit the target.

The Moon by Julien Rasquinet, Frederic Malle


Aquarius likes to keep it cool. An elegant blend of citrusy accords and vetiver will make this sign feel right where it belongs.

Colonia Futura, Acqua di Parma

Hints of herbs and marine seaweed hide behind notes of incense and vanilla just like elusive Aquarius. 

Costa Azzurra, Tom Ford 

A modern take on the classic Vétiver fragrance, this scent mingles aromas of ginger, vetiver, and musk that will pair well with the innovative Air sign.

Original Vétiver, Creed


A floral aquatic fragrance like this one brings the sign back to their natural habitat—the water—thanks to seductive sea aromas.

Acqua di Gioia, Giorgio Armani

This fragrant fantasy will connect dreamy and melancholic Pisces to an untouched world of barefoot walks on dewy grass and wild flowers. 

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca, Guerlain

Bright accords of rhubarb and daffodil combine for an inviting and warm floral fragrance, perfect for Pisces' imaginative and romantic heart.

Perfect, Marc Jacobs 

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